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Trish and Terry Salisbury – Tarka

On the 15th Febuary 2005 my 9 year old Weimeraner bitch Tarka, had to have an emergency operation for bloat. All went well! How relieved we were. Then a couple of weeks later the wound started to weep. Tarka went off her food, a bit moody and lethargic. I phoned the vets immediately.we took her in. The vet thought she maybe rejecting the internal stitches. So back into surgery. When they opened her up they found pockets of infection. She underwent further surgery to de-bride the wound and take swabs. The next thing we heard was that Tarka had MRSA (what a blow, my dog has the superbug !!!) The vet had to de-bride the wound and leave the wound open. Tarka was put into isolation and whilst swabs were taken and sent off to the labs in liverpool.She was very unhappy after 8 days . She had the dreaded collar fitted,which she hated. We offered to take Tarka home and nurse her at home.the vet said we had to wait for lab results to come through to see whether she was a carrier. The test came back negative, of course. That was last Tuesday. Tarka is very happy. The wound has healed by two thirds and we are astounded how we have beaten THE SUPERBUG, wow. The vets have been very good about supplying us with the dressings etc. i wonder why? Dont be afraid of this bug. It can be beaten, if caught early enough. When i first heard. My HEART DROPPED! I found out about Jill Moss on the internet. I contacted Jill and she was so positive. She really helped me to decide to go for it. Thanks Jill, you are doing a great job. Let me know if I can help in any way.


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