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Tracy & Family – Judge

Thankfully I was recommended to Jill and the Bella Moss Foundation through Yvonne the puppy trainer that was helping me with my Great Dane, called Judge. Judge has been with my family since he was 8 weeks old. January 1st 2007 he was running chasing a ball and suddenly went lame. The vet told us he had a ruptured and had severed his cruciate ligament in both his hind legs but the left leg was more severe. They recommended 2 hospitals both had a waiting time of 4 weeks plus. So we decided to take the first appointment. We were advised to go ahead straight away with a TPLO and that Judge would stay in the vet 3 days and then come home and rest and recover. It did not turn out this way. Judge was not ready for me to collect for 1 week as his wound was still bleeding, which I was told, was nothing to worry about. Finally, I collected him and bought him home the kids were very excited to see him and kissed and cuddled him. I noticed within a couple of hours of being home his wound did not seem correct to me and went straight to my local vet to have him assessed. They decided to put staple stitches in to close the wound. A few hours later I was not convinced as the wound was not clear and I drove straight back to where he had the operation. I was told they would keep him in and do blood tests and put a drain in his leg, as there seemed to be a lump of fluid there. It took 5 days to get the results back when I was told MRSA! I was in shock as had only heard of this in hospitals for humans and knew that if bad could lead to death. I rang Yvonne who put me straight on to Jill. Jill was a mind of information comforting and calming me down, and telling me what information I needed to know from the vet. Jill also told me what procedures needed to be carried out to get the MRSA under control. After many weeks of antibiotic beads placed back inside the leg and constant drainage Judge came home. We nursed him and monitored him with sterile gloves until it had been 16 weeks since the operation when we finally could take out all the metal plates and check there was no MRSA there. It was a long 6 months for Judge to fully recover and thanks to Jill and the Bella Moss Foundation with all their support of emails and telephone calls kept us strong and now Judge is over the worst. Thanks Tracey and family x London

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