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Susan – McRae

Susan – McRae

My son’s 7- month old Weimaraner, McRae, went in for surgery to repair two bone fractures following an accident. In the end, she contracted MRSA from the surgical facility. I can honestly say that there were to only two thing that saved her life: My ignorance of MRSA and the surgeon telling me that we would “wait and see if it cleared on its own.” Because I was in the dark about medication resistant staph, I reached out for help and fell into the net of support and knowledge provided by the Moss Foundation. Because the surgeon suggested that it might clear up on its own without intervention, I got angry. This new knowledge about he superbug and my anger led me self-empowerment, knowing that if my son’s dog was going to make it, I was essentially going to have to make some tough choices and quick decisions. After the conversations with a compounder to learn more about the two antibiotics that the culture indicated would kill the infection, I learned that McRae might not survive the cure. So my only option was a regime of nontraditional treatment. The Bella Moss provided me with so many ideas. Human doctors provided me with theories that reinforced the Foundation’s information. With my regime set up and highly flexible, I set to work and the abscess cleared and healed within a matter of two weeks. Following radiograms and a 3-month period of time to see if new abscesses developed, McRae has been given the “all clear” by my local vet who respects alternative cures. She is now back at home with my son who continues to give her natural supplements to support her immune system. In everything I did with McRae, I was supported by the Foundation and they continued to live into what became my mantra in reference to MRSA: “Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus is drug resistant but not herb (or other nontraditional treatment) resistant.” McRae is alive today because I was forced to step outside of the pharmaceutical box. Thank you Jill and your MRSA counselors for helping me on my journey. It was frightening to take “the road less traveled” but I knew that I was never alone. I also must thank my son, Wit, for trusting and supporting me through this horrible phase in his and McRae’s lives.

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