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Ruth – Jasper

Ruth – Jasper

Our 8 year oild cocker spaniel Jasper has never had anything wrong with him.  However, this March he developed sore and broken skin inbetween his paw pads and became quite irrtiable with it.  As his lymph glands were swollen and he became ‘unwell’ the vet decided to take skin swabs for testing.  A week later the results showed he had MRSA.  He was swiftly put on medication and we swiftly became hermits!  The vet advised us of the risks of Japser being near young children, the elderly and the diabetic or anyone with a low immune system and if us as a family had an open skin wound to dress it and to never touch Jasper.  Jasper and I became soulmates as I was the only one who could stroke and handle him.  My 10 year old son could not have friends to play.  When we went out we had to change our clothes.  We lived in the MRSA house!  After having a heart to heart with my vet about the situation he suggested I looked at the Bella Moss website.  I got in touch with them and they instantly became my friend and felt like I was one of them as this illness is so rare in the UK dog world.  After 6 weeks Jasper had 2 more tests that showed that the MRSA had gone.  We reacted quickly to Jasper’s paws and that saved the MRSA spreading to his internal organs.  We will never know how he got it and we will never dwell on it but we will have the cleanest hands in the UK because of it!

In some cases its manageable and beatable and hopefully in time to come be more acceptable in our society as an infection that needs addressing..

Thanks to the Beech House Vets who are up on the game.

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