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This is a story about a little min-pin named Princess, her blessed owner Patty, and the friends they met along their journey, the Bella Moss foundation, which, without them, our story may have ended quite differently.

Princess and I started our journey together back in September 2000. I rescued her from an animal shelter in Las Vegas along with her brother, Lucky, who lives with my granddaughter Jessica. She was 6 weeks old, and so our story began.

Princess has had many issues, born with a heart mummer, endured bladder problems in 2005, a accident in 2008 which left permanent nerve damage in her right leg along with arthritis, was diagnosed with diabetes in September of 2011, and went blind in December 2011.

She is quite the trooper, and has taken everything in stride with a can do attitude and the heart to carry on. The biggest challenge Princess and I have faced is MRSA.

In January 2012 I discovered a few sores on her side and belly. I had taken her to the Vet for a routine check up a few weeks earlier. We were trying to get her diabetes under control, and had also discovered she had a bladder infection. After running a culture for her bladder infection, which took over a week, the Vet told me not to worry about the sores. She had looked at them under the micro-scope and found bacteria, nothing serious, and we were sent home with some antibiotics, and was told that they would take care of the bladder infection, and the bacteria. Nothing to worry about, and it was a remote chance it could be anything serious.

The sores continued to get worse and spread. They were so severe now, on her genitals, anus, bottoms of her feet, and stomach and in her mouth. At one time I feared the bacteria had spread to her lungs as she had mucus in her nose, and was breathing deeply. She could barely walk, and any kind of bowel movement was so painful for her. She spent most of her time just lying around the house on her bed, and my heart was aching for her.

After a few weeks on the antibiotics, it was pretty clear; she needed a biopsy and a culture. Something we should have done in the beginning, but thought, the sores would clear up. I was told that it was a remote chance that it could be something serious, but we could wait a few weeks until the antibiotics were finished and see. It was 3 weeks later before the biopsy was sent in for a culture. It came back positive for MRSA.

I was fed up with not doing anything for her, so I started to do research on the web for MRSA. That’s when I found the Bella Moss foundation.

I wrote to Jill, desperate for some answers, and couldn’t believe it when she called me the next day from London. I became familiar with her story about Bella, and their journey with MRSA and why she started the Foundation. She encouraged me to have my vet (now the 3rd one) to contact Dr. Weese the Bella Moss USA vet advisor. I called him immediately, and sent him the

information. It was a week-end, so it took a few days for Dr. Fonts (my vet) and Dr. Weese (BMF advisor) to communicate.

We started a daily bath routine for Princess with and put her on a different antibiotic for 6 weeks. I was told that it was an older antibiotic which was used mostly on cattle, and had been successful in treating MRSA. It was listed on the Culture as sensitive to her strain of MRSA. However, humans are also sensitive to it, and I had to wear gloves while handling it.

I started communicating more with Jill, and she was so kind. She sent out an e-mail blast, and I received so many heartfelt e-mails from other owners, so many kind people trying to help us. They sent information, wrote personal letters, and just inquired about Princess.

It was breaking my heart to see princess suffer so much, and still fighting to survive… She was so helpless and I worried about the other dogs or me catching the bacteria. From what I had read on the internet, MRSA is no joke. I prayed and talked to my vet and wondered when this night mare would ever end. We decided to do another biopsy to check for cancer, as the sores were so huge on her stomach. They results came back negative. I was not given much hope, and was told that MRSA was very hard to treat, and usually returned. Princess is diabetic, so the antibiotics were having a hard time reaching the areas on her skin where the infection was spreading. I spent many hours wondering if I should just let her go and get her out of her misery. I just didn’t know what to do.

Through it all, Jill Moss and the wonderful members of the Bella Moss foundation, where there for us, writing, calling, trying to help.

The baths, extra laundry, trying to kept our home disinfected, isolating her from the other dogs, educating myself, e-mails, pre-paring her food, medicating her sores, wearing gloves when I touch her, giving her medicine 2 to 3 times a day, scheduling her meals and insulin shots, guiding her, watching her struggle and bump into things (due to her blindness) and all the financial issues. But through it all Princess is fighting the battle.

I couldn’t have made it through all this without my faith in Jesus, my friends, Dr. Fontes, Dr. Brandt, and the Bella Moss foundation and their friends.

I believe God gave us animals to teach us about ourselves. How to love unconditionally, receive and give respect, kindness, kisses, joy, and acceptance. To me, animals are the true hero’s along our journey called LIFE. What would we do without them?

Since writing this, Princess has passed away. We had to go on a trip for family, and a very good friend of ours was taking care of Princess.

The day before we were to arrive home, Princess went into diabetic shock. When I picked her up from the vet, she was covered in brown clumpy sticky material. It had something to do with the sugar coming out of her body. Her eyes told me that she was tired and wanted to go home to the Rainbow Bridge. We took her home and I held her and cried for days.

On May 19th 2012, in a candle lite room, with flowers from our yard, the smell of lavender, and soft music, we let her slip away from us and find the peace she so desired. We had her cremated and she is home with us now. It’s hard without her, but she is remembered with love and the understanding that we will be together again someday.

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