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Nicolla – Brooke

Nicolla – Brooke

18 months ago my beautiful black Labrador Brooke became ill with a cough and a massive ear infection. The ear infection responded to treatment BUT the cough never cleared. My vets treated for months with different antibiotics and whilst we would sometimes see some improvement it never cleared.

Their diagnosis was pseudomonas. She was becoming more ill with the months passing by.

Life awful knew I had a sick dog and not being able to help her. I was starting to come to the conclusion I was going to lose her. Then one day I was ripping up the dog world newspaper for the fire and saw an article from months before on MRSA in dogs. I read this and was shocked at the similarities. That day I contacted Jill at the Bella Moss foundation and that is when I found some hope. That dark tunnel we had been in for months suddenly had light at the end of it and I knew that it was possible to save Brooke.

Jill knew what the pain of living with a seriously ill dog was like. Jill offered me support and for my vet BMF veterinary advisors contacts. I was no longer alone in my fight to save Brooke’s life.

At this time I had lost faith in my vets, all of the vets had given up on Brooke and I knew that I alone could not save Brooke. Just one phone call and I had found someone who cared and could help!

The next few weeks I tried to get my vets to look at the website and to read information, but they weren’t interested. I tried to find a new vet but every time I mentioned pseudomonas they would say they “We will get back to you” but then refuse to take Brooke for fear on contamination.

In the end I contacted my old vet in Devon to try to get help. With Jeremy and the help of vets in Bristol we treated Brooke for lung worm (something my vet had failed to even mention). Within hours Brooke was bringing up rivers of mucus off of her chest when she coughed and with each lot her breathing became easier and she became more her old self.

In the meantime I had also had a consultation with Richard Allport and homeopathic remedies were prescribed and these helped and continue to do so. Brooke has never fully recovered from illness as she now has permanent lung damage and she will never be 100% fit. If it wasn’t for Richard Allport and the Bella Moss Foundation, Brooke would have died in August 2010 when she got a massive chest infection.

I so wish I had found Jill earlier. Brooke survived the last 18 months due to that phone call I made to the Foundation. From the devastating death of Jill’s own dog Bella, she has gone on to save the lives of so many pets. Bella lives on in each and every one of them. Thank you Jill, from the bottom of my heart for all that you do.

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