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Maria – Felix

Maria – Felix

I would like to say a Huge THANK YOU to the Bella Moss Foundation and especially Jill for her help with my cat Felix. The foundation is so helpful and pointed my vets in the right direction to diagnosing Felix’s Condition and also treatment needed, without the Bella Moss Foundation I doubt that Felix would be here now.

Felix is 2 years old and on New Years eve 2009 knocked a glass off of the side and cut his leg on a pieces of glass cutting his tendon and a major vein in his foot. He was rushed to an out of hours surgery for treatment where he needed an operation to mend the tendon and to stop the bleeding in his foot. This all went well and he was released the next day. Over the next couple of weeks Felix developed sores over his leg due to the bandages rubbing on his skin, these were really red and he was put onto anti biotics and the splint taken away but he was still bandaged. Felix had to go to the vets every couple of days to have the wounds washed and re dressed. After about 3 months of re dressing the wound the vets decided to take off the cast as his sores were getting worse and spreading on his leg. Once the bandages were taken off Felix would often bite his leg until it bled, this looked so itchy so we took him back on numerous occasions to get this checked.

Felix was given numerous doses of anti biotics as his wounds would get infected and lots of steroids to try and stop the itching this became very regular having a steroid injection every 2 weeks as he was still biting and we needed to wash the wounds every day this went on for another 3 months at least being tested for ring worm, mites, and flees.

It was then suggested that maybe his constant itching was due to stress. At this time Felix was very tired, not like his usual bouncy self and would hardly lift his head up to say hello during the day, he was eating very little, still on anti biotics and these would often make him sick. As all else had failed he was referred to another vet for Acupuncture in October 2009 to see if this would help. By this time his legs were really bad as the pictures show. It was at this time that the vet advised to take some biopsies to check whether he had an infection

A day later he went in to have biopsies and 9 were taken from different areas around his leg. Within a couple of days the results were back, he had contracted MRSA from his open wound and this had spread into his leg. The vets were quite surprised as this was the first case that they have had at their surgery. Jill was a huge help to my vets in giving them contacts of experts and information.

Felix was put on a course of Antriobe to conbat the infection which he was on for around 3 months. He still continued to Bite during this time when another swab was taken to check if the MRSA was gone from his system in February this year he was given the all clear for MRSA but he still has contracted a itchy skin condition from this which he will have for probably the rest of his life.

I cannot fault my vets as they were not familiar with MRSA this was the last thing they thought it could be and they tried their hardest to find a solution. I would recommend that anyone with any doubt should speak to their vet and get their pet tested as soon as possible and contact the Bella Moss foundation for support.

Jill is available to talk to at anytime of the day (not sure how she does this) and is a huge help liasing with your vet and giving them support and finding a solution.

Many thanks and kind regards


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