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Lori & Joseph – Momo

Our beautiful Momo, a black cat with one perfectly shaped white heart on her chest, came to us homeless one day, and of course we took her in. She changed our lives in the best of ways and brought and continues to bring us unlimited unconditional love every single day. One day in 2005, Momo was at her vet for a routine physical and teeth cleaning. while there she also had a urinalysis done which involves the insertion of a needle into the bladder. Shortly after momo returned home, we came to learn that our other cat, Fluffy, had a urinary tract infection, and after a culture, that it was MRSA. Fluffy was given antibiotics and, lucky for him, he cleared the infection. We then learned on November 12, 2005, that Momo had the same infection. She wasn’t so lucky. Momo was treated with antibiotics for two years, and still she had MRSA. This past September we learned there were virtually no antibiotics left to try. In desperation, I went online and began researching MRSA. in this way, we were both lucky, as we discovered The Bella Moss Foundation and came to meet Jill Moss who so unselfishly gives of too much of her time to help animals who are infected like Momo in honor of her dearest precious Bella who tragically and heedlessly was lost to Jill from MRSA and medical ignorance and fear. Having determined to transform Bella’s suffering and death to prevent the needless suffering and death of so many others, Jill has reached out across the huge Atlantic Ocean and shown us first-hand what a small world it can be. In an instant, it felt and continues to feel like Momo’s fate has changed. Where she was hopeless, now there is hope. Where we were alone, now we have Jill and her representatives, Vikkie, the Reiki Healer, and Kim, the Veterinary Naturopath, and all of their help has known no boundaries. Because of Jill and the Foundation, Momo chose to participate in the Canadian MRSA study conducted by Drs Scott Weese and Meredith Faires, and their unselfish involvement and input have helped guide Momo’s family and many other pet owners to make better and more informed life-saving choices. Because of Jill and the Foundation, we have this date retained the services of Bella’s homeopathic veterinarian, Dr Richard Allport who we have every faith will improve Momo’s health and with that, the quality of her life. Because of Jill and the Foundation, there is no ocean too wide. We feel we have gone from nothing to everything we could possibly need to make a difference. For this and for so much more, we are eternally grateful to Bella who gave her life so others may live. In Peace, Love, Hope and the Global Healing of Momo and many other animals.


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