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Loki got a resistant pseudomonas infection during surgery, which was worse than MRSP. He had a fever and was crying in pain. Bumps on his incision reappeared after the second infection was treated. I consulted the recommended Doctors that The Bella Moss Foundation provided. Lesson I learned here is that if your dog has skin issues or other health issues which could weaken the immune system, you’re taking a gamble with any invasive surgery. I think metal plates ( TPLO) in the legs are really over kill for a dog Lokis age.

I’ve been researching that surgery and it seems it’s a newer surgery a lot of vets are pushing because it’s a money maker. If I had gotten him the regular ACL surgery, it would have been much less invasive, much cheaper, less risky, and probably just as effective. So I guess that could be helpful to anyone trying to decide between TPLO and regular lateral suture repair/fishing wire technique for  ACL surgery. I’d have definitely gone with the regular suture repair. I think the TPLO/metal plates might be good in a younger, very large dog that has absolutely no health/skin/immune issues.

A young large healthy dog might be the only animal I see benefiting from this surgery. 

Chrystal Grace USA

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