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Kathleen – Makena

My dog Makena is 10 years old and has always been my little buddy who always seemed to bring joy into my life. She had been sick for some time with a weird discharge from her nose and had been in and out of the vets office multiple times and we still could not get a grasp on what was wrong. She underwent a few light surgeries and seemed to develop new problems which were very puzzling. My vet at that time was stumped. I decided that I would need to find a new vet and do some research on my own. My new vet diagnosed her with MRSA and he treated her with multiple antibiotics. I immediately went home and researched MRSA on the internet and found Bella Moss Foundation. Jill and Lori have been exceptionally helpful and so caring. I don’t know that I done through this without their support. Every time I thought I was hitting a wall Lori and Jill had a new great idea to help me. Makena did finally get over her MRSA and I think the only way she did this was with the guidance I received from Lori and Jill. Thank you Bella Moss Foundation for all your help, love and care – you are amazing!!

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