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Kathleen – Jahari

Kathleen – Jahari

Jahari contracted the canine MRSI from an overdose of an allergy shot. He was supposed to receive an increase of 1/10 of the allergy medicine and was instead injected with a 4/10 dose. Within twenty-four hours, he experienced a critical allergic reaction in December 2007, which ultimately morphed into MRSI in March of 2008. In January of 2008 he developed a raging staph infection in his ears, along with pseudomonas aeruginosa. The veterinarian who was responsible for the incorrect allergy medication dosage was not knowledgeable on how to help Jahari, causing the infection to rapidly spread to his skin. His state of health deteriorated so quickly, I feared for his life. Until this happened, Jahari was a year and a half old, 120 pounds, healthy, active, and had no past medical problems. By mid February of 2008, he was close to death.

I read about the Bella Moss Foundation in the Whole Dog Journal. I was desperate to save Jahari’s life and called Jill in the UK, who responded within hours. Jill and I spoke frequently, three or four times a week, for the next several weeks. Although she was out of the country, she was the only one who seemed to know how to deal with MRSA. I was unable to find anyone in the United States to help me, so Jill proceeded to email me information and instructions on how to care for Jahari. She also provided me with direct telephone numbers and emails to doctors and veterinary medical facilities in Canada and the United States who had experience and success in treating MRSA. Jill’s personal interest and assistance were directly responsible for not only saving Jahari’s life but also for his recovery.

As a result, Jahari fully recovered by August of 2008. I have followed all of Jill’s instructions provided by her foundation and fortunately, he has not relapsed. I would be happy to offer any help needed for owner’s in the same situation I found myself in only a few years ago. Attached are a few pictures of a healthy, happy Jahari on Christmas of 2009.


I thank you every day for what you did for Jahari and feel he wouldn’t be with me if I hadn’t read about your organziation.


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