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Charlotte Hudley (Gloucestshire)

Charlotte Hudley (Gloucestshire)

My dog Larry became infected with MRSA following cruciate ligament surgery (just like Bella did) I searched the website for information on pets and MRSA and found The Bella Moss Foundation. Jill spoke with me for many hours and advised me on what to ask my vet and put me in touch with experts who could offer me advise when my vet knew very little. Larry is now doing well; he is only three years old. Jill told me that when Bella died she searched Internet for information on MRSA in pets and found nothing so set up the website Now in the memory of Bella a beautiful lady who died so tragically, other animals are being saved. Thank you Jill so much and we pray for you every day and for Bella who is at the rainbow bridge where all special souls go to she will never have died in vain you must believe that.


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