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Jill Vicino – Jenna

Last month my thirteen-year-old miniature dachsund, Jenna, developed a swollen eye. I assumed that she had been bit by a spider or an ant, but after the swelling returned following a course of Clavimox, my vet x-rayed the eye and took a culture, it was discovered that Jenna had MRSA (the lab report said that the sampling was “scant,” meaning that it was not a severe case). Jenna has also had a long battle with allergies and dermatitis. When I heard the diagnosis I completely panicked, as I have heard of people dying from MRSA. I am also pregnant, have eczema and also have a four-year-old son with PLEVA, a benign skin condition. I conducted searches on the internet and came up with little information. Then I found Jill Moss’ website, and she was able to provide me with some helpful information and also calmed me down. This was a tremendous help because I was literally having an anxiety attack before I heard from Jill!

I had myself swabbed and came back negative. I didn’t have my son swabbed because his skin has been clear. Jenna was treated with another antibiotic for 21 days and the vet believes that the MRSA has been eradicated! For the first time in a year her skin is completely healed with no ulcerations. Our vet said that in the twenty years she has been practicing, this is only the second case of MRSA she has ever seen. However, I suspect that it is becoming more common and that the vet community needs to learn much more… I am still interested in learning more about MRSA transmission. I feel that I am extremely lucky not to have contracted MRSA from Jenna. She never slept with family members and we always washed out hands thoroughly after touching her. After the diagnosis was made I fanatically washed everything in hot water and bleached and mopped the floors with hospital grade disinfectant. I obsessively washed my hands and made my family stop walking barefoot in the house. Every doctor or vet that I spoke with minimized the situation, saying that MRSA was literally everywhere in our environment anyway. I truly beleive that there is so much more to be learned about MRSA and hope that some research on MRSA transmission is conducted in the near future.

I can’t thank Jill Moss and her website enough for providing me with valuable information and giving a place to connect with others dealing with this issue!


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