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Jed – Stacy

Jed – Stacy

This is Jed the most sweet loving Rottweiler I ever had.. I got him from a family friend who could no longer keep him in 2011. He had epilepsy and suffered from cluster seizures. She was going to have to surrender him to animal control because of some unfortunate circumstances. I knew that if she did, odds were that they would have to put him down because there was too much liability with adopting out a dog with epilepsy. So I agreed to take him, he was so sweet I couldn’t bare the thought of him being put down.

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He was only 2 years old when he joined my family. About a year later I noticed Jed was walking strange so I took him to the vet and was told he had a torn ACL and would need surgery. I wasted no time and scheduled him for surgery.  The surgery went well and so did his recovery. About 9 months after surgery I noticed Jed’s knee was really swollen after taking him for a walk. Later that evening the skin burst open with oozing puss. I immediately called Jed’s surgeon who assured me it was probably just irritated and to have my regular vet take a look. So I wasted no time again and took Jed to the vet where they confirmed the ACL repair failed and told me that Jed would need a second surgery to correct it. I immediately called the surgeon and scheduled the second ACL surgery. A day later the surgeon called me back and asked if before Jed’s surgery if my regular vet would pull the fluid from Jed’s knee and test it just to be safe. Back to the vet we went, the next day. A few days had gone by when I received a phone call telling me that Jed had a MRSA infection in his knee, which was likely from his ACL surgery and that he needed emergency surgery to remove the material used for the ACL repair and flush the knee. I was not going to take Jed back to the original surgeon so I opted for a specialty surgery center. They informed me of my options, I could amputate or just flush the knee and put Jed on antibiotics. They also warned me that the antibiotics are very had on the organs, specifically, the liver. I had read a lot about ACL tears and one of the things that I learned is if a dog has one ACL tear, there is a 50% chance that the will tear the other. With that in mind I was afraid to amputate so I opted for the flush and antibiotics. Again surgery went well and we took Jed home with a prescription of Rifampin. A few days later we went for a follow up with my regular vet to check on how things were going. When I talked to my vet, she asked if anyone had suggest Milk Thistle to help with Jed’s liver, because he was already on Phenobarbitol & Gabapentin she was afraid that he might not survive the antibiotics. She gave me some literature on Milk Thistle and recommended a brand and strength. I immediately bought the Milk Thistle and added it to Jed’s daily medicine regimine. A few days after taking the Rifampin Jed started having seizures because the Rifampin was interfering with his seizure medications. So we had to increase his dosage of the seizure medicines. The seizures stopped and all seemed well, until about 6 weeks later. We had been going to the vet to run blood work every other week to make sure Jed’s liver was okay and this time the results were really bad. Jed’s liver was shutting down and he was starting to have cluster seizures again. I admitted him to the animal hospital where they did everything they possibly could. On October 31st, 2013 I got the call that Jed had passed in the night. I was so heartbroken and angry at myself, I was so sad that he passed all alone in the hospital. Had I made the decision to amputate maybe Jed would still be alive? I don’t know the answer to that but I do know that I will always wish I had made a different decision.

Jed will forever be in my heart. He was always such a happy, loving goofy boy.

Love you always my sweet boy!


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