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Anna Foster (London)

Anna Foster (London)

The support I have received from Jill @ pets-mrsa has been invaluable. Through her I have been helped and given advice from several top veterinary surgeons and microbiologists.

My dog Ebony has been on antibiotics since the beginning of last Summer because of ulcerated areas in her hind feet and under her right armpit. My vet has taken routine swabs from the infected areas regularly but the one that came back in January showed she had MRSA. Because I am due to have some corrective surgery on my face I was swabbed and I came back MRSA positive also. Obviously, this has caused great concern for not only me and her but all my family. To be able to talk to Jill and for her to put me in touch with top people in this field has given me answers, help and advice from people I would not normally be able to contact. I know Jill has been inspired by the death of her own beloved dog but she has made the veterinary world sit up and realize there IS A PROBLEM.

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