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Jaclynn – Dusty

Jaclynn – Dusty

My story is how the Bella Moss foundation really touched my life and saved my best friends life. I had come to the end of the road with my dog dusty. She has had a hole in the side of her leg for two years that has never stopped draining. First I was told it was an abscess and was drained, it came back. Then I was told it was cancer, it came back negative. Then I was informed it was scar tissue and was removed, still drained. Then I was informed it would stop draining and heal on its own if the skin on her side was completely removed, the skin healed but the draining persisted. Later I was told it was a bacterium that was killing her slowly and she would die in a couple of months, the culture came back with no bacterial growth. Everyone for two years now has told me to give up, put her to sleep, let it go, she will be fine, it’s just an animal, there’s no hope and everything else you can imagine. I couldn’t give up, the love I have for Dusty my dog is worth everything to me even though I sacrificed much emotionally. I had taken her to so many doctors for help including fifteen surgeries along the way. When I came across the Bella Moss website it truly caught my eye because I had found someone that expressed the same love and determination for her animal as me. I read her story and was so motivated to keep searching for the answer to my dog’s problem. I got in contact with Jill and my journey to saving Dusty’s life had begun. I was immediately comforted in knowing that there was still hope out there for Dusty. And not to give up just yet. Jill truly is a person that cares and knows what us animal lovers go through. She immediately put me in contact with vets from different parts of the world and helped me every step of the way. These vets were incredible and pointed me in the right direction for Dusty. After two years of an ongoing emotional rollercoaster I had found my stop. I was directed by expert vets which way to go and I took her to a vet in the United States that understood what was going on and fixed Dusty. This complicated problem turned out to be the simplest mistake. When Dusty was spayed two years ago she was left with undissolvable stitched in her stomach. All along her body has been trying to get rid of them by rejecting them out of her leg. Once they were removed along with lots of scar tissue inside, she was as good as new. I’m so thankful that I found the Bella Moss foundation and I know if Dusty could talk she would say the same. Jill and her foundation saved Dust’s life. Thank you Jill so much for all of your time and hard work. I know I speak for all the ones you have helped out there. You will never know how much you mean to Dusty and I.

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