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Graham Marriott

Firstly i must say how sorry i was to read Bella’s story, until Monday the 21st March i was totally unaware that this but was contractable by pets (ignorant i know), My beloved English Bull Bud broke his leg the week before and after a rather unsuccessful attemp with a leg plaster it was decided that a plate in his leg would be the best thing for him, he had his op on the friday and was hospitalised with the vet over the weekend,However we went to collect him on the Monday and our vet informed us of his worry at an infection to the wound, and that at the time he feared it may be MRSA he had already taken a swab of the infection and sent it off for ananysis, in the mean time he had been injecting him with double dose antibiotics (i would like to say that if my vet had not been so dilligent and i must say caring this infection would have gone un-noticed until it was to late)a trip later that week for a check up confirmed his and our fears, yes it was MRSA, the swab had identified which strain and fortunatly one of the antibiotics being administered was the right one (good vet or good guess?). Well as i am sure you are the same i left no avenue unexplored, i have a friend who is a faith healer (yes i did ask him for help) another good friend who is a Matron at the hospital in Coventry i asked her advice, when i mentioned to her about a chap from Nuneaton who had developed a cream in his own garage (not a multi million pound company just a chap looking to help his wifes skin condition) she told me hat his daughter was her hairdresser and gave me the chaps number, we phoned him the following day and to our amazement he asked if he could pop round with his own vet to look at the dog and let us know if they could help, they were both there within half an hour, had a look at old Bud (he is only 16 months) gave us a tub of the lotion instructed us on how to apply it and told us that it will kill the bug on or around the wound and that if the wound were to open pour the lotion into it, that was last Friday, we have had a few complications in the week not related to the leg but an abcess that developed on Buds shoulder as a result of all the injections he has had, but i must say his leg would appear to be getting better it is still weeping slightly which i am told is to be expected but it seems to be contained, Bud being a bully is now bearing weight on his leg and for the first time today stood on it as he cocked his other leg (silly i know but i felt happy for him), anyway i did call the number that you left on the forum and spoke to a gentleman that told me to e-mail you with this information, there is a posting on the site from the vet who came out to visit with the lotion, i am sure its Bud he is refering to as the dog currently receiving the lotion for the infection and it is definately helping. I thank you for the information that is available from your web site it is invaluable to people like myself who dont know what the hell to do and i would like to talk to you further if you are available, good work on five live and GMTV keep it up and once again thank you.

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