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Fritzie Maddock – Bear

Fritzie Maddock – Bear

We adopted Bear, a five year old Shih Tzu in March of 2006. In January 2008 I felt what seemed to be a cyst below his shoulder, and the vet felt it was an oil gland cyst and advised warm compresses. After several weeks we felt it should be removed, and he had his teeth cleaned at the same time. The surgery, done in February, was more extensive than expected, as the cyst turned out to be deep, but after getting over severe post-op pain, Bear was doing fine. In April we noticed another cyst, small, along the suture line. Within a short time the cyst began to drain so the vet cultured it and found MRSA. In 30 years of practice he had never seen MRSA. The lab that did the culture recommended the treatment chloramphenicol. Bear managed this for about six days, but his tummy could not take the medicine. There were small “lump’s along the suture line but they seemed not to be causing a problem. He seemed fine, but during the summer he began to have intermittent pain for no apparent reason…he would just cry out, and go on his way. This continued on and off so we went to a vet who was skilled in more holistic treatments, and she did acupuncture along his spine, which helped the pain for maybe a day.

We did not go back to this vet as she seemed not to have helped. We took Bear back to the original vet. Bear did well in the clinic, but every time I visited him he cried the whole time. It broke my heart, but I could not stand not to see him nearly every day. When we brought him home, we continued on this regimen of antibiotics for another three weeks. But about a month later the small lumps were back along the suture line, and the vet prescribed more of the SMP-TMZ liquid medicine. Several days after this Bear started crying out in pain on and off again, as he did back in the summer. This time 21 days of the same med did nothing for him. The pain did seem to lessen.

I searched the internet for information and found the Bella Moss Foundation and emailed Jill. She was so helpful, and bless her heart, called me from England. She offered to send our vet the research information she had, and even to talk with him, but when I wrote him regarding this, he did not reply. He had by now told me he saw no reason to put Bear back in the clinic that basically his immune system was apparently not strong enough to throw off the infection.

Cross infection human to animal concerns Jill helped me with my concerns about cross infection and the fear I had for our 5 yr. old great-grandchild, who is here a lot, and who loved to pet Bear. Bear had begun to have less of an appetite and was very poorly. We consulted the vet and had to make the decision to end his suffering and let him go as the antibiotics were not working and he was becoming weaker by the day.

We felt all along that Bear contracted MRSA at that clinic at the time of his surgery. The vets were unaware of MRSA in dogs, did no biopsy the first cyst, or culture the suspected infected sites. Our hearts are broken; our home is so empty without our little Bear. I wish I might have discovered Jill and her charity sooner, and found a vet who might have wanted the help of the Foundation’s MRSA expert veterinarians.

To all of you whose animals have recovered, I rejoice with you, and to those of you who have lost your beloved pet, I offer my deepest empathy.


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