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My Coton de Tulear, Emmy, was age 3 when she became very ill from repeated antibiotic treatments for alleged urinary tract infections (including MRSA). It was only after an emergency veterinary hospitalization for a reaction to a new antibiotic, that it was decided to perform a cystoscopy.  The cystoscopy found NO urinary tract infection whatsoever. In fact, the emergency hospital vet indicated that there must have been a lab error since Emmy’s procedure was performed under sterile technique and showed no infection with the sterile cystoscopy culture nor any visible urinary tract irritation/symptomology.

After the vet hospital notified my regular veterinarian, I, too, contacted him to discuss the new findings and asked how his practice handled the urine samples which I provided in sterile containers.  He informed that me that it was transferred to another container by a vet technician. Clearly, there was a breach with the transfer to another specimen container. (He did not state whether that container was sterile).

After having been told that Emmy had MRSA from a lab report, which was subsequently proven to be in error, I was devastated that Emmy suffered needlessly from the numerous side effects of antibiotic treatments for a year, including the impact on her immune system.

I urge all pet owners who have been told their pet has repeated UTIs to obtain a CYSTOSCOPY to verify this diagnosis.  In addition, always inquire as to the protocol chain for the collection of urine samples utilized by their vet’s facility.

I was blessed that Emmy did not have MRSA,  however, it took a long time for her immune system to recover from the effects of unnecessary, long term antibiotic therapy.  I am so grateful to the Bella Moss Foundation for their advice and support.

Janie Russell USA

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