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Duchess was spayed and micro-chipped. Things went well until one day we noticed a dimed size spot that was bleeding and pussing around the area where dogs usually get microchipped. We just figured it was from the needle puncturing the skin and it was healing. Anyway, each day it grew and became worse. Emergency surgery was performed and a sample of the infected area taken for testing. The next day the results came back and it was diagnosed as a bacterial infection. (see pictures before, during and after). Duchess spent the night in observation and the skin was sent for testing. 45 stitches, 10 staples and 2 tubes later the results came back and it was in fact a bacterial infection BUT there was also something present in the results that they couldnt yet determine. It was MRSI; We knew nothing about this and found out about The Bella Moss Foundation who advised us and were of great support. No one really knew of anyone speficially who treated an animal with this disease and it was concerning to us because the whole time it never phased our Duchess. Yes the medications, the sleeping next to her at night (to make sure the tubes and stitches stayed in), the constant 24 hour attention, the daily trips to the emergency vet was quite the ordeal, but everyone was terrified of the unknown. Jill Moss got one of her international vet experts to speak with our vet and his name is Dr Andrew Hillier (Ohio state university) We attribute our emergency vets and Dr. Hillier to the recovery and treatment of Duchess. Just the resources that were provided and the attention she received will never go un-noticed. We understand MRSI/MRSA much more now and realize of how fatal it can be if detected in the vital areas. Our hope is that this will be the last time we have to deal with it, but now prevention and precaution are at the fore-front of our concerns.

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