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Cynthia – Jetson

Cynthia – Jetson

My 7 year old Scottish Terrier, Jetson, developed a limp in his hind leg. At first it was just occasional and I just assumed he had some arthritis. Then one morning I got up and found that Jetson had thrown up during the night – an amount much greater than I would have thought the stomach of a dog twice his size would hold – and couldn’t walk at all. I took him to the vet. His white count was very low and his leg joint swollen. They gave him antibiotics and some medicine for his stomach and we went home. He continued to get worse through the day and that night I took him back to the vet (a sister hospital to Jetson’s vet that stays open till 10:00 at night — yea) and he spent four days in the hospital. His white count continued to drop, he wouldn’t eat and couldn’t put any weight on his back leg. Several test were run including a tick titer and all came back negative. A bone marrow biopsy was even done as all were worried about cancer (he had an mast cell tumor removed from his penis 7 months before.) Finally the vet tapped the joint itself and the test showed he had MRSA. We were all quite surprised. That’s where Jill came in. She put Jetson’s vet in touch with a vet in the U.S. that specializes in MRSA and provided information directly to my vet. There was time when we were not sure that Jetson would live but know he is healthy and happy and likes nothing better than taking a long walk and chasing a few squirrels. Jill was a great source of information and certainly a comfort during the whole ordeal. Thanks to Jill, and Jetson’s doctor he is doing great.

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