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Christine – Troy

Christine – Troy

Troy, our 12 1/2 year old Wire Fox Terrier, had an ear infection and diagnosed with MRSA in April, 2008. Immediately, we contacted Jill and Lori at the Bella Moss Foundation and they provided tremendous support. Jill spoke to our veterinarian and she became a tremendous advocate and educator. We eventually took the homeopathic route for nine months and then cultured Troy’s ears again. He was MRSA free! After two weeks of antibiotics, Troy became infection free! However, his destiny was marked.

A twist of fate arose when Troy was diagnosed with degenerative myelopathy (DM). The initial symptoms occurred at the same time he was diagnosed with MRSA. Yet, we contributed his imbalance to the ear infection. By the time Troy was MRSA free and infection free, he could not use his hind legs. He was officially diagnosed with the incurable DM which destroyed his muscle and nerve tissues.

Through this entire ordeal, Jill and Lori continued to support us. They were true friends who understood the pain that we shared with our pet and companion. Troy’s spirits were raised the last three weeks of his life with a cart that my son built so that he could stand upright and use his front legs to walk by himself. By July, the disease started to spread to his front legs. His quality of life diminished regardless of the numerous accupuncture and physical therapy sessions. Troy became extremely frustrated.

On July 3rd, we put Troy, our true friend, companion, brother and child, to rest. Hopefully, he is now jumping and prancing around in a place unseen with our eyes. Rest in peace, Troy (1996-2009). We’ll always remember and love you.

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