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Charlotte – Max

Charlotte – Max

I am so grateful to Jill Moss and Lori Spagnoli for all the information and comfort they gave me during the nine month fight we had with MRSI. Our English Bulldog Max had MRSI in his bone after surgery for an ACL tear . I designed the sling to carry him up and down the steps. We were very aware that you need to be very careful and keep the wound clean and make sure his blanket he laid on after the surgery was clean, and we used bleach on all of his bedding when he came home. We were not aware that Max just had an overabundance of staph on his skin and we had no knowledge of MRSI at all! Max had already got staph in the surgical site, and it just began to grow and congregate on all the metal implants they put in his leg to repair it. Max was on antibiotics, but of course, they were not the right ones. After a total of five surgeries to remove all the screws, wires, plates from his leg and many cultures of his leg tissue and the implants they removed, Max recovered. I know that MRSI is different from MRSA, but Max’s condition was so bad at one point he had lost almost 30 pounds and they were almost to the point of removing his leg. He was on crate rest for almost 9 months and he became very aggressive when we tried to put him in the crate, so our vet kept him for 42 days after he bit me very badly..of course we visited him every single day. My vet, is a wonderful vet, but like most vets, he’s not an expert on MRSA nor MRSI.

Jill Moss and several of her experts spoke with my vet and advised him on how he could treat Max. If my vet had not been open to contacting the experts, we may have had a totally different outcome, so thanks to my vet also! With the help of Jill and her experts, my vet saved Max’s life and his leg. Since Max’s long illness, he still has had some issues with aggression, and I contacted Jill again to see if maybe she had heard of the long-term use of the antibiotics causing a change like that, and once again, she contacted her experts and the drug companies for me to see if they had ever had a side-effect like that. Jill is in the UK and Lori is in the USA and I speak quite often with both of them about Max and the problems we are still having. I will always be grateful to both of these ladies, their experts and the foundation as a whole, for caring and working hard to prevent any animals from having to go through what Bella went through, and for educating all the vets and vet techs possible about MRSA (and MRSI). Max and I would not have made it through the past year without them!

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