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Carl and Jan – Luigi

Carl and Jan – Luigi

Thanks to the Bella Moss Foundation, you’re caring and information helped us so much with our cat Luigi. When Luigi My Russian blue kitty that we got from a shelter at 7 months old developed MRSA in his left ear I was scared. One day he started shaking his head and scratching at his left ear so we took him to the vets and they cleaned it and prescribed some ear drops “Tresaderm” and cleaning with “Oticalm Solution” twice a day – after 3-4 weeks with no change the vet switched us to “Baytrill Otic” antibiotic ear drops and twice daily cleanings of his left ear with the Oticalm solution and a few weeks later still no change and all the while his ear would soil the q-tips and cotton balls with dark waxy stuff.

My wife and I had to administer (orally) “Trimethoprim” (tiny capsules) 60 ml twice a day. Luigi would spit them out, and we were getting bitten because he was closing his tiny mouth. In the end we had to take him to the vets daily. At the vets they would have a different staff member there to pill him every time we showed up in the morning and in the evening and they all had different styles of holding him.

The whole things became so traumatic for Luigi. But after three weeks and another culture the lab report came back negative for MRSA. Luckily the infection never penetrated his eardrum. Well now he’s happy because no more ear drops and twice a day cleanings only gets his ear cleaned twice a week now

I suppose I should add that my wife and I take care of my mother in law and she had developed a bed sore which got worse and was hospitalized and diagnosed with MRSA and we were lightly told to wash our hands when we left her room which we did. We had no idea that MRSA was transferable from humans to pets. My experience at the vet got me very irritated as the vet had never treated MRSA before and the staff had such difficulty administering pills to luigi

We love Luigi as he is our only companion. We thank god for the Bella Moss Foundation and your contributions to helping our luigi.

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