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Barbara – Ink and Spot

Barbara – Ink and Spot

This is a picture of Ink and Spot, they are brothers. Sadly, Ink passed away August of 2009 after being misdiagnosed by numerous vets. I had not heard of the Bella Moss foundation until after he passed. He developed an oozing sore on his belly that vet after vet tried to tell me was “flea allergy”. Cultures came back positive for staph aureus, but it never went away. After a year of numerous vet visits with specialists, and an oozing sore, he developed a lump in his leg and died 2 months later. He was never diagnosed as having MRSA, but they also dont know what was wrong. The next month, I noticed a huge lump on his brother’s neck. Spot went in for surgery and it was a very rare cancer that no vet has seen in cats. He developed a rash on his belly, and I went into a panic and contacted The Bella Moss Foundation. They were so quick to respond and offer me assistance. Luckily, his rash went away, and he’s okay today. I was really touched at how The Bella Moss Foundation responded, and only wish I found out about them before my cat Ink died.

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