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Amanda – Kaylee

Amanda – Kaylee

My dog Kaylee was attacked by another dog, and contracted MRSA through her open wounds.  Our vets were doing all they could, but the infection was too strong.  I looked up information and the Bella Moss Foundation came up in the search.  I contacted Jill Moss and she put our vet here in Las Vegas in touch with BMF clinical advisors in the USA

Kaylee was on her death bed, and recommendations to put her down were being made.  It was the constant communication with Bella Moss Foundation that gave Kaylee a chance at living.  Kaylee went from being in isolation, hooked up to IV’s, not being able to move with little chance of survival, to being at home, safe with her family.  This is Kaylee’s first week off of her medications, we will see if her body is strong enough to fight.  Kaylee has never given up on us and thanks to our friends at the Bella Moss Foundation we found the resources to not give up.  My family is forever grateful to BMF that Kaylee was blessed by their help and we all hold Bella (Jill’s beautiful Samoyed) forever close to our heart’s.

Thank you for saving our best friend and family member Kaylee.

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