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Alaska Sky

Alaska Sky

I was truly devastated and lost hearing the diagnosis of MRSA. I thought my dog’s life was over.

The MRSA was on my dog’s nose and diagnosed with a punch biopsy.

The Vet told me, “ Just keep things clean & wash my hands” then sent me on my way.

What!!!???   The support and information just wasn’t there!


So as a trained medical assistant, I got on the internet. Finding the Bella Moss Foundation’s was a miracle.

The Doctor’s, Clinicians’, Staff and Volunteer’s reached out with an abundance of advice and information!

I was given ALL the tools to battle and conquer this ugly disease after 6 months. They also kept in touch, so I never felt alone!


How amazing is it , that someone ½ way across the globe, helped my Alaska Sky and I!!

I could NOT have done this battle without the Bella Moss Foundation!


Please know, that I proudly share my story with other dog owner’s, family and friends. Recommending your Bella Moss Foundation to ANY and EVERYONE!

A mere thank you, simply isn’t enough for saving my Alaska Sky and seeing a new day!

With Deep Gratitude and Hugs!!


Debi and Alaska Sky

Lakewood, California  United States

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