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Alan Barnard

A letter from Amber My fight for life

I am 11 years old (a rough Collie). Here is my story.

On a beautiful June morning I was chasing pigeons in my garden when I trod on a small apple and broke the cruciate ligament in my back leg. My folks took me to the vet who decided to operate – in total the cost came to £2,000.

By this time my leg was very swollen, and I felt so ill, I thought I was going to die. For ten day’s I could not eat and my folks kept me alive on glucose and water, they took me back to the vet and he told them I had mrsa and I had to be put to sleep. My folks refused. (Thank god)

My folks took me home: my dad slept on the floor with me and my mum massaged my leg with olive oil and I took the antibiotics for weeks. I could not eat for weeks, my folks tried everything then eventually I remember corn beef was one thing I could eat beef with oxo gravy, as soon as I ate I could see the relief on their faces. Once I had begun to eat I gobbled it up . We went back to the vet each week and finally I was cleared of the mrsa. I now go for 2 walks a day and thinking back my first outing to the park was only 20 yards it has been a very gradual slow process. I am now getting stronger and I now manage over half a mile walks each time we go out.

The biggest stroke of luck was finding The Bella Moss Foundation, Bella died so sadly but without Bella’s mum’s guidance and passion to keep me alive – I would not be here today. I would love to meet Jill and give her a very big kiss of thanks. Jill phoned my folks several times each week, putting my folks in touch with other vets, giving support and practical advise.

It’s nearly 6 months since my accident and when I contracting mrsa. I look back and remember how ill I was, unable to eat, my folks had to lift me with a sling when I needed to go out to the garden.

I am so grateful that I have such a loving family and a wonderful friend in Jill Moss who refused like my folks to let me die. Thank you all so much for giving me the courage and will to fight for my life, Bella your spirit lives on in me.


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