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We are looking for a Volunteer Public Relations and Communications Officer/s needed to help promote the objectives of the Bella Moss Foundation at BSAVA 3-6th April 2014

Are you passionate about animal and human welfare? Dedicated to ensuring the responsible use of antibiotics in society? We need volunteers to help us promote our Infection control guidelines for vets and nurses and help us promote our forthcoming One Health Conference. Event 3-6th April (venue) ICC/ BSAVA Congress Birmingham.


If you have a self-starter attitude, a high level of enthusiasm and an outgoing predisposition, we would love to have you as a volunteer.

A background in life sciences, the veterinary or medical related profession would be highly desirable, but we are looking for enthusiastic volunteers who can help us promote our educational projects, knowledge of veterinary science is not crucial. We are happy to provide work references for volunteers.

Background to Bella Moss Foundation

The Bella Moss Foundation is a charity which promotes prudent antimicrobial use and hygiene practices in the field of human and veterinary medicine. The Foundation works in an advisory capacity educating and supporting pet carers, veterinary and medical professionals on the prevention and treatment of resistant bacteria. The Foundation was set up in 2005 by Jill Moss, a high profile broadcasting journalist and actress, following the death of her dog Bella, from a badly managed MRSA infection. With Jill at the helm, the Foundation has developed into an international champion of best practice on the prudent use of antimicrobials, providing the crucial link between patients and veterinary clients to world class resources and clinical advice through leading experts in the field.

The One Health Conference (13th October 2014) will be an opportunity for some vet/nurse students to volunteers as stewards (note will be live early March for bookings) (charity) (website for One health Conference 13/10/14) launch early March 2014 infection control

Email: ask for a volunteer pack or call 0845 266 8804 



Hosts a world class scientific program and over 280 exhibitors from all industry sectors, the BSAVA conference offers excellent opportunities to network in the largest veterinary conference in Europe. In 2012, the BSAVA conference broke all records with more than 10,000 people in attendance, comprising of vets, vet nurses, practice managers and students, creating a truly international stage for the entire veterinary profession to flourish.


All about infections



If you notice these symptoms report them to your vet immediately. You may be suspicious of a complex and/or resistant infection if you pet has: A wound that will not [&hellip


Testing for MRSA

How do we test for MRSA? The only way to identify MRSA is to take a sample and analyse it in a laboratory. A culture can identify the bacteria and [&hellip



Infections can generally be treated successfully with a single course of antibiotics, which may come in the form of creams or ointments, injections, or tablets, and many infections will even [&hellip

How we have Helped

Mr Beebs had a torn ACL. I had heard that this new procedure called a TPLO would be a permanent solution to our problems. Expensive but nothing was too much [&hellip

Lor Fogler – Mr Beebs

Last month my thirteen-year-old miniature dachsund, Jenna, developed a swollen eye. I assumed that she had been bit by a spider or an ant, but after the swelling returned following [&hellip

Jill Vicino – Jenna

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