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Update October 7th 2006 by Jill Moss – “I am so upset by the fact that after so many months of battling with all the very best care there could be for Xena, she passed away this evening. The Bella Moss Foundation has been very close with Vicky Yates and our hearts go out to her at this difficult time.”

Jill, I can never repay you for the help you have given me So this is a small token of thanks for thee, An amazing person you are With strength incomparable by far, These words I have written So please sit back and listen.

Xena is everything, my baby and my life To watch her suffer and lie in pain hurt like a knife, We thought the end was near With no help, desperation and fear, My heart had sunk and been ripped out With nowhere to turn I would cry and shout, Then I found you with light and hope From the stormy black sky like A ray of sunshine you helped me cope.

Then new medicine to make her better you helped me to find, So without you I think you can see my hands would still be bind, And so the story ends with a smile Because of you Xena will be around for a long while. These angels’ wings remind of you As you gave me hope when emptiness was all I knew…

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