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Ruth Reynolds – Libby

Ruth Reynolds – Libby

I have a little Bichon Frise called Libby who is nearly 10 years old so when she tore her crucial ligament and my vet advised an operation I was happy for it to go ahead as she had a crucial ligament operation 3 years previously which had been a great success. Libby had her operation on 28th October and seemed perfectly fine putting her leg to the ground and trying to walk however after about 3 days a clear liquid began oozing from her wound so I took her straight to the vet who diagnosed an infection and put her on a course of antibiotics for 10 days, the oozing stopped and Libby seemed fine but on examination the vet felt that the operation had not taken (because the infection had caused the fixing wire to stretch so when the swelling went down the joint was not stable enough) so thank God he decided to redo the operation and at that point he phoned me to say the actual joint was badly infected and they had sent off a swab for diagnosis as to what the infection was. Five days later the result came back and I nearly passed out when it was diagnosed as MRSA, Libby was prescribed the correct antibiotics to deal with the MRSA and was sent home. At that point I searched the internet for information and came across the ‘Bella Moss Foundation’ website who said you could e mail any queries, I sent off an e mail and received almost by return lots of information and answers to my specific questions, it was wonderful to be able to talk to someone who had experienced this situation and I was very appreciative that they would liaise with my vet if required. Libby finished her course of antibiotics and is absolutely fine now probably due to the fact that my vet had to redo the operation so the infection was found relatively quickly otherwise it may never have been found till it was took late. I have another Bichon Pepsi (Libby’s mother) who is 12 years old and she is also fine and has not contacted any signs of MRSA so everything has turned out wonderfully.

I would just like to thank Jill for her help and advice and wish the Foundation well for the future.

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