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Miranda Pasch – Trout

I can not thank Jill and her team enough. My dog, Trout, was diagnosed with MRSA two months after he had TPL surgery when they were performing a second surgery to remove the plate they had previously inserted do to infection. Trout was extremely sick and non-responsive at this point so I began researching MRSA online to find out more information about the virus and assure myself Trout was being properly treated. It wasn’t long after stumbling across Jill’s website that I began seeing light at the end of the tunnel for Trout. Jill contacted me immediately upon receiving my request for information and was nothing but helpful in getting me the latest information on MRSA. I have since passed the articles on to Trout’s surgeon who too was very appreciate and intends to share the information with the entire hospital. Every little bit of education helps and I am so thankful for Jill’s assistance with Trout and have no doubt her continued efforts will have a huge impact on the veterinary practice today.

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