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Margaret McNicholl

My husband contracted MRSA, 3weeks following hip replacement surgery on August 28th. When we took him to the hospital we left some soiled bandages on the couch. When I came home after he was admitted the soiled bandages were chewed up and scattered all over the house. We have two Dalmatians. Baxter is 9 and Cinnamon is 8. I did a google search and looked to see if MRSA could be spread to dogs from people. In addition to finding some web sites indicating transmission was possible, I found the Bella Moss Foundation site and started talking to Jill Moss. She gave me excellent advise and I took both dogs to the vet, indicating they might be contagious. A week later Cinnamon came back as positive but the other dog was negative. A week later Baxter was sick, but Cinnamon remained health but testing positive for MRSA. Both dogs were given multiple antibiotics. Eventually Cinnamon cleared and Baxter cleared after Cinnamon as given gentramycine intranasally. My home was professionally disinfected and parts were remodeled. My husband is awaiting surgery to replace his hip. As far as I can determine this is the first case of human to dog transmission from soiled bandages.

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