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Lou Yau – Malcolm

This is Malcolm. He is the most wonderful, affectionate, loving, special cat I have ever come across. I rescued him from the RSPCA 6 years ago when he was 3 years old and had been neglected in a house with 20 other cats. I knew straight away that Malcolm was special and we developed a very special bond very quickly. In March 2006, Malcolm had a swelling in his left ear and I noticed him scratching his ear a lot and shaking his head. I took him to the vets who advised that Malcolm had a haematoma (burst blood vessel) from shaking his head and that something may be stuck in his ear or there was an infection causing his ear to become irritated. 2 days later, Malcolm underwent an operation to remove the haematoma and the vets confirmed they couldn’t detect what had caused the haematoma but that he was on his way to recovery. However, Malcolm’s ear swelled up again and again and didn’t seem to get any better. After numerous visits to the vets where they drained his ear each time, they then advised that Malcolm would need to undergo a 2nd procedure, as the 1st operation had not gone as planned. Malcolm underwent the 2nd procedure and it was then that the vets confirmed that there was an ear infection and that they would need to do a swab to determine what infection it was. By this time, Malcolm was not his usual happy self and was very withdrawn and quiet. Whilst waiting for the test results, Malcolm’s ear swelled up again and again and the vets gave him steroid injections to help reduce the swelling. 1 wk later and the results came back and I was told Malcolm had MRSA. The vets said it was treatable with antibiotics and asked whether myself or my partner had been in contact with hospitals in the last 6 mths. When we replied that we hadn’t, the vets said that it was likely that Malcolm had picked up MRSA from their practice. Thinking nothing more of this, we took Malcolm home and started his course of antirobe antibiotics. I was so worried and upset and just wanted Malcolm to be better. At this stage, he had been ill for 8 weeks and not been his usual self. I am pleased to report that Malcolm is now fully recovered and his ear is back to normal. However, I can’t forget all of the worry and upset that the whole episode caused, as well as knowing what Malcolm had to go through. The vets themselves, offered no explanations or any sympathy and were very defensive when I probed them about the possibility that MRSA could have been passed to Malcolm by one of their staff during his 1st procedure. The staff have now all been swabbed by the RCVS and I await to hear the outcome. I came across the Bella Moss Foundation when I was searching on the internet for information about MRSA in animals. There were no other sources of information whatsoever (especially about MRSA in cats) and the website was so useful and helped me to understand what MRSA was and how it could impact our pets. It was so comforting to know that there were others who understood how I felt and it gave me hope that Malcolm would get better from reading the other testimonials and information on the site.


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