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Leslie – Tipper

Leslie – Tipper

I have had dogs my entire life, and have loved each of them for their quirks and personality, companionship and friendship. However, my current dog Tipper is “that” dog. My first dog since moving out on my own, the first I train, feed and care for. Ask anyone; he is a ham, loves to show off, and is a joy to be around. He is one of those dogs that loves all people, all dogs, and most creatures (he isn’t a huge fan of squirrels).

So when Tipper’s nose seemed to be a little dry and cracked I took him to the vet, to find out what was going on. That appointment in May of 08 was the first of so many, and it seemed that few people had answers. It could be staph, it could be lupus, it could be a compromised immune system, and it could be MRSA. His nose was getting worse, but he still seemed to be holding his own. We were going through rounds of antibiotics and prednisone. Then it got worse, a lot worse. While on antibiotics, his neck and chest broke out with a huge staff infection while I was out of town. My brother had taken him to his vet, who prescribed more antibiotics and more prednisone. Tipper was getting tired and didn’t want to go out as much. I was scared. Then the skin on his muzzle got infected and a huge sore grew there. In addition to the vet, I also turned to the internet and searched for information on staph, MRSA, nutrition, etc etc. I found a comment on a forum from Jill Moss, she listed her email and phone. Who does that in this day and age? I sent her an email and within hours I had a response. She put me in contact with Kim Bloomer a homeopathic vet and sent me huge amounts of information on what I could do for Tipper. She even called my vet (we are in the US) and discussed the issue with him. Tipper has since had MRSA ruled out and has been diagnosed with mucocutaneos pyoderma and it is currently in remission. He will continue on a staph vaccination and I will continue to work with him on a homeopathic level.

I can’t say enough about the support, information and help that I have gotten from Jill and the Bella Moss Foundation. They have educated me, listened to me, and helped me get through what is going to be a chronic illness with my dog. When I was freaking out and cleaning my house twice a day to “kill the staph” Jill and her friends talked me down. When I didn’t know what to do for the infection they recommended Manuka honey (which is the most amazing stuff I have ever seen). And when MRSA was ruled out, they celebrated with me. Tipper and I can not thank them enough for their kindness and help.

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