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Leigh, Terry and the Martin family – Max

Max had been our family since he was a puppy. He was our little boy! and he brought us so much pleasure even when the kids came along we still regarded him as our first. He was brilliant with them he loved them and they loved him equally even our one year old little girl Erin loved him so much and followed him everywhere. On the 17th February 2006 our life’s was turned upside down. On the 30th January Max had been admitted to Queen Mother animal hospital – Potters Bar where he was diagnosed with a tumour in his chest. He was operated on successfully to everyone’s relief, he was recovering slowly and was discharged on the 14th we couldn’t have been happier. Our emotions had been on a roller coaster ride for the past 2 odd weeks and at last we was on the home straight. Our happiness was not to last Max was not at all well on his return home and the very next day he was readmitted they were unsure what it was he could not walk he was very ill. On the afternoon of the 17th we got a call to say Max had gone down hill quickly and they had got some tests back confirming Max had MRSA. We was in shock we raced to the hospital but missed him by 5 mins and he died. We were numb we had never heard of MRSA in animals when we got home I went on the internet and found The Bella Moss Foundation. I contacted Jill and her support meant a great deal to us she taught us a lot about mrsa and explained things and helped us get through this terrible time. For that we will always be in debted to her. She even set up a meeting with the vets for us to talk things through. Not a day goes by that we don’t miss Max and all his little ways and our house feels empty yes we are angry and feel robbed of him but we are trying to think of the 8 good years we had with him and all the happiness he brought to so many people.

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