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Katrina Beckett (Norfolk)

Katrina Beckett (Norfolk)

Our dog Jessie contracted MRSA on April 15th after going in for a routine spaying operation. The vet said everything had gone well and she should be back to her usual active self the next day. The following day she was really ill, wouldn’t eat, drink, being sick, shivering and generally lethargic – this didn’t change for a week. I contacted the vet who told me she was probably depressed as they realised she had milk in her teats before they operated so was probably in the middle of a phantom pregnancy! Over the following week we called the vet out almost everyday, we went from a reaction to internal stitches, a urine infection, to an infection where her ovaries were removed. Her wound was weeping and she was now passing a bloody discharge. Eventually they took a swab on Sunday 24th April and it was confirmed on the 29th that she had in fact contracted MRSA. We were utterly shocked, all I could think of that we were going to lose her, I didn’t have any knowledge on MRSA in humans let alone dogs. Our vet put the onus on us as being colonised with MRSA (1 in 3 people carry it harmlessly) he felt that I must have passed it onto her coat then she took it in to the operating theatre, where it placed itself inside the open wound. The probability of this is very slim compared with the probability of one of the staff who was in the operating room at the time passing it to her. We have since changed vets and have all been screened and are all negative. It’s easy for the vet to blame you and with no understanding of MRSA it’s easy to believe them and feel to blame. Luckily for us we came across The Bella Moss Foundation and Jill has been a god send, herself and Mark have spent hours on the phone advising us all we need to know about MRSA and putting us in touch with experts within the field and other owners over the country whose dog’s have or had MRSA. When I was in panic mode Jill calmed me down and helped me straighten things out in my head. Our vet tried to warn us against looking on the Internet – I wonder why? Thankfully Jess has made a full recovery and is even more hyper than she was before! Thank you Trustees of the Bella Moss Foundation, Jill Moss and Mark Dosher if you ever need the favour returned you know where we are x

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