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Jill Beth Brown – Zack

Zack Weeks-Brown is yet another Samoyed who contracted nosocomial MRSA, at a university vet hospital in February 2006. Fortunately, his surgical site was not involved, and he suffered “only” a MRSA skin infection. It took almost 2 months before a dermatologist figured out what was going on, and, by that time, Zack had been on the wrong antibiotics continuously since surgery. Samples collected in August 2006 finally confirmed that he was free of the MRSA. Jill provided on-going counseling to me over a period of months. She sent me scientific proceedings from the Liverpool conference, which were helpful both to my understanding of the affliction and in helping me craft a proposal for reimbursement to the university. She called me overseas and stood ready to help me in any way. Yesterday, the hospital administrator agreed to refund a good portion of Zack’s MRSA-related expenses. Really, the expenses didn’t end with the lack of detection of MRSA. After long courses of several different antibiotics, Zack’s skin was cycling back and forth between population explosions of yeast alternating with population explosions of several types of bacteria. That cycle was initiated by the initial wrongful course of antibiotics that was given to Zack right after his routine (!) surgery. Zack is a darling boy. My husband and I adopted him (on the left in the photo) and his twin sister Zoey (on the right) in November 2005. The prior spring, they had been taken to the vet for euthanasia at age 7, due to uncontrolled diabetes. The vet refused to kill two beautiful, sweet dogs for no good reason, and asked that they be surrendered to him. He stabilized their diabetes (the owners had not complied with medical advice) and turned them over to Buckeye Samoyed Rescue, where they lived for several months prior to adoption to us. I have found “second-hand” Samoyeds to be extremely affectionate and bonded to their owners, as Bella was to Jill.

Their love and charming dispositions inspire tremendous love in return. There is no such thing as an unwanted Sammy, there are only some Sammies in unwanted homes! Rescue seeks to unite these wonderful beings with owners who will understand them.

Thank you, Jill Beth Brown (Ohio, USA)

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