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Fiona Martin – Sally

Sally is the most beautiful, kind, intelligent and loving dog that you could ever wish to meet, truly exceptional. Sally had an operation at the start of September 2007 to remove wires from her chest. This was done because following her initial heart surgery two and a half years previously, she had big scabs all down her sternum where the wires were, and we thought they were irritating her skin. In September when she had the sternum wires removed, they were sent to be cultured and we found out she had MRSA. By this point, her stitches had been taken out and the wound under her chest had completely opened up To date Sally has had pretty much every antibiotic there is, but the bacteria just becomes resistant to them very quickly and she has three openings under her chest which are discharging. Swab results keep coming back as ‘no growth’ and sterile, yet there is plently of yucky discharge, so we are all a bit confused at the moment, and about to give Manuka Honey a try. Without a swab analysis showing the current bacteria, we are unable to see if there are any other antibiotics to try. It is suspected that the MRSA might be in the bone of her sternum, and therefore not shifting. Sally is well in herself, though with no walks or life for four months, bandaged every other day, and a big cone on her head for four months, her resilience and strength is incredible. Jill has been a constant source of support, and has a really fantastic network of contacts. There have been many times when I have been freaked out and frustrated by this, and Jill has been a god send. We’ll continue to work together and do everything we can to get Sally well. It’s been going on a terribly long time!!

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