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Cathy Conner – Chloe

Cathy Conner – Chloe

My daughter Kass, (15yrs) had what looked like a spider bite on her arm. Over a few days time it looked very infected and swollen so I took her to the doctor. He said she most likely had a staph aeureus aeureus infection he took a culture (March 28th, 2008) and put her on anti-biotics.

When I got home that day I started researching MRSA and came across an article ’Cat and Woman Share SUPERBUG!’ After reading it I wondered about our cat (Chloe) who had been having problems (skin lesions) for about a month on her behind. The vet, after a couple visits still wasn’t sure what the problem was as the treatments they had tried were not helping. So I called and the next day they cultured our cat. (March 29th, 2008)

On March 30th we found that our daughter was confirmed with MRSA, by this time she had a hole in her arm the size of a silver dollar that was 1/2 inch deep. We put our cat in a kennel in a spare room to keep her quarantined until we knew if she also had the bacteria. (As we were still waiting for culture results) I began searching for cases where animals had this MRSA and found the Bella Moss Foundation. Jill and her USA representative Lori were wonderful with all their support and recommendations on how to go about making my cat better and comfortable. Jill and Lori spent hours discussing with me food that would be easier for Chloe to digest and we also considered as a team way’s to help boost Chloe’s immune system.

I found a product for our daughter that helped kill the bacteria and start the healing process. As this worked for her so well, I contacted the Staphwash Company and was told that there was a product made specifically for animals with this MRSA bacteria. We got the product, applied it; and within hours it had improved dramatically. Within a month; all signs of infection were gone. Both our cat and daughter are MRSA free at this time, and show no signs of any re-occurrence.

I saw 1st hand how fast MRSA develops and how serious it can become in a matter of a few days. Thank Goodness for the Bella Moss Foundation willing to lend a hand with advice and/or information and support that is very much helpful in fighting these HORRIBLE bacteria.

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