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Andie Irwin and Cooper – Cooper

When my dog Cooper was diagnosed with MRSA last summer, the first thing I did was get on the internet to find out as much as I could. I had never heard of a dog contracting MRSA, but I thought that with the help of the internet I would be able to find a wealth of information. I was wrong. There is only one website I could find that had any information on MRSA in pets. The Bella Moss Foundation. No one knows how Cooper contracted MRSA. He had been treated for ‘idiopathic’ staph infections for over three years, one series of antibiotics after another. Finally, in July of 2007, my vet took a skin culture and sent it to Cornell University Companion Animal Hospital. The results came back positive for the human strain of MRSA. Cooper did not get this from me, as my family has been tested and we are all negative. Where would he get it? Who knows? The reasonable conclusion would be he got it from a vet’s office. (we had changed vets as we thought his previous one was not very professional.) When questioned, Cooper’s vet said in all of her years of practicing she had never seen a case of MRSA. Neither had any of the other vets in the practice. Neither had anyone else I spoke to on the subject. I would mention it, and people would look at me like I was from Mars. So, Jill……………after what I went through with Cooper, I can imagine the pain, anger and frustration you went through with Bella. I found you……… had no-one. There aren’t any words to express the sadness I feel at your loss of Bella, and the gratitude I feel for your determination to help other pets and the people who love them. You are a perfect example of someone who has taken a really heartbreaking situation and turned it around for a good purpose. Cooper is well now, and I will be eternally grateful for all of your help and support. I can’t thank you enough. I look forward to the success of the Foundation in disseminating information on MRSA and other infectious (and totally preventable) diseases in animals. It is vital that the veterinary profession, kennels, groomers, pet stores, breeders and anyone else involved with animals, including the general public, be educated about this growing threat.

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