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For years Bella’s friend Sam has been in my life, I have walked him and I become so attached to him. Last week I had to say goodbye to Sam. A week away from his 16th birthday, his family decided it was the right thing to do to put him to sleep. His family, mainly out all day gave me the keys to the house and for many years I walked Sam, we had some lovely times together.

Recently, he could only walk short distances and there were days he needed help getting on his feet.

I would have got him up,  cared for him so that accidents in the house, did not happen, I would have cleaned and bathed him daily if need be, and I would have given pain medication and allowed god to take him when the time was right.

Sam’s family spent his last day out of the house (busy) and I spent it on the floor cuddling Sam.  At 7pm Monday March 2nd, they walked Sam (the dog they claim could not walk) 500 yards to the vet. On the way we were stopped by a couple who thought he was so beautiful and the male (uncle) said yes, shame soon he will be no more:

I walked with them, Sam was excited about being out with his family, he greeted all the dogs coming out the vet, wagged his tail, ate all of the biscuits: Sam was old, he had some pain and was incontinent. There were things that could have been done, but his family decided it was for the best to end his suffering. I watched a dog pulling away from the vet wanting to go home be dragged into the vet to be put to sleep because a man, a woman, the children, gave up believing there was any other way.

This is my poem that I want to share with all of you who believe that a pet (old and having accidents in the house) is a member of your family and needs caring for just as an elderly relative would need caring for.

My heart is broken, thinking about your premature end

I gave you my love and you know I was your friend

You didn’t deserve to be put to sleep

But your family could only see their future as bleak

Accidents on the carpet: yes you were old,

But, no matter how hard I tried, they wouldn’t be told

A week away from your sixteenth birthday

They could not see any other way

Other than to say

Euthanisation, is the kindest thing to do

But who were the kidding this was not for you

They left you to walk 500 yards to your death

When there was so much life in you left

You and I spent your last day together

Enjoying the new warmth of the spring weather

We sat in my garden and had some treats

We cuddled and I could hear your heart beat

I felt so low to see you

Have to go

Your family arrived home close to your time of death

To say goodbye, and remark on how great a dog you had been

But during the day they were nowhere to be seen

Uncontrolled bladder and bowels and bad back legs

Is why you were sent to your death

Old age is no reason to be killed

Were you suffering?

Was it kind to end your life?

Humans decide when and why a dog should die

But is it based on fact or a convincing lie?

You were not mine, if you were you would still be alive

And nature not humans would decide

Whether you should live or die

Your family decided on your fate, and now it is too late

But I was with you until your end

And I will forever be your friend

God Bless you Sam you nearly made 16

And your are the best friend there could have been


I love you and always will and I know Bella will be with you now

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