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For Pet Owners – Further Information and Support

VNTO – veternary nurse training online
a division of BMF on infection control 

Dipping Dogs Canine Hydrotherapy
We advocate a fun based rehabilitation programme tailored for your dogs’ individual needs. With a 30ft pool we can treat all breeds and sizes with a hydro therapist present in the water or for more nervous dogs, owners can accompany them.
Hydrotherapy aids in building muscle, joint mobility, weight loss and general wellbeing.
For more information contact us on 01895 446406 or email link to us on facebook

International Cat Care
(formerly the Feline Advisory Bureau) is a charity with the vision of a world where all cats, owned and unowned, are treated with care, compassion, and understanding. We work closely with the veterinary profession through our veterinary division, the International Society of Feline Medicine. All our work is r`ns and legacies.

Worms & Germs Blog
is an educational website coordinated by Dr. Scott Weese and Maureen Anderson of the Ontario Veterinary College’s Centre for Public Health and Zoonoses, it is a superb reference for all health issues relating to pets.

IDEXX Laboratories
information on resistant infections in pets

looking at MRSA in humans

Department of food and rural affairs (DEFRA)

Veterinary Medicines Directorate
Information sheets for pet owners

Responsible Use of Medicines in Agriculture (RUMA)

International Society for Companion Animal Infectious Diseases  is dedicated to improving the care of pets (dogs, cats, birds, horses, exotic pets) with infectious diseases, and controlling the spread of these diseases.

World Health Organisation –
Antimicrobial Resistance Guidelines

Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals.
An excellent centre for veterinary care. PDSA support BMF educational projects for which we are grateful.

The Humane Society USA
The Humane Society of the United States is the largest animal protection organization in the United States. It works to reduce suffering and improve the lives of all animals by advocating for better laws

The Kennel Club Charitable Trust is a website very useful

London Dog Forum
Building the dog loving community
Follow us on Twitter @LondonDogForum

Winner Best Treat Category – Fish4Dogs Sea Jerky
Highly Commended for Best Specialist Food – Fish4Dogs Finest Puppy Complete
Highly Commended for Best Health Product – Fish4Dogs SOS Salmon Oil

Staph Infection Resources
An educational and support website that highlights effective and lasting solutions for MRSA and Staph infections in people. Co-founded by Microbiologist Michelle Moore, it sheds light on why these infections keep coming back, and how to avoid the pitfalls of the healthcare system that contribute to this growing problem. 

Pet Health Info
A website offering independent, expert animal health advice

Indian veterinary connections

The best small animal clinical vet school in India is in Chennai – They have quite a good dermatology group there.

Contact – Jack Reece in Chennai or

Federation of Small Animal Practitioners Associations (FSAPAI)
President – Dr. Jayaprakash

WSAVA Representative
Dr. Umesh Karkare


Rehoming or finding a pet

Dogs Trust
supports BMF projects for which we are grateful

Guide dogs for the Blind

Support dogs (Assisting people with physical disabilities)

Hounds For Heroes

Royal Society Prevention Cruelty to Animals

Animal Jobs Direct
Dedicated to providing worldwide recruitment and online training solutions for the animal care sector. Let our experts assist you achieve your goal in finding the right career, course or job opportunity working with animals.


Support with Pet Bereavement

The Ralph Site
The Ralph Site is a non-profit website that provides information and resources about various aspects concerning the loss, or anticipated loss, of a beloved furry friend. The site describes things to consider when deciding about euthanasia and aftercare options, and also some explanation of the stages and emotions of grief.

Society For Companion Animal Studies
0800 0966606


Jill Moss President and Founder of the Bella Moss Foundation support the following conservation and charities whose work she greatly respects

The JAYC Foundation

UK Wolf Conservation Trust

UK Whale and Dolphin Conservation Trust

Monkey world Ape Rescue Centre

Born Free Foundation

Canine Partners (a charity that aims to transform the lives of people with disabilities)

The Monkey Sanctuary, Cornwall, UK

Big Cat Rescue

Clearwater Aquarium rehabilitates injured sealife

Dog Theft Action Charity helping to protect and find stolen and missing animals

Did you know...

A small proportion of the general pet population carry MRSA or similar MDR bacteria, but the carriage rate in sick animals that have visited veterinary practices is higher.

All about infections



What are MRSP and Staphylococcus pseudintermedius? Staphylococcus pseudintermedius is a bacterium that is commonly found on the skin or in the nose or intestinal tract of 50% of more of [&hellip


MRSA in Farm Animals

In 2005, the first report on MRSA in pigs came from The Netherlands. A relation was found between MRSA positive persons and living on a pig farm or working with [&hellip


MRSA In Horses

Staphylococcus aureus can also be found in the nose, intestinal tract or skin of a small percentage of normal, healthy horses, although the frequency with which it is found varies [&hellip

How we have Helped

My dog Makena is 10 years old and has always been my little buddy who always seemed to bring joy into my life. She had been sick for some time [&hellip

Kathleen – Makena

Our 8 year oild cocker spaniel Jasper has never had anything wrong with him.  However, this March he developed sore and broken skin inbetween his paw pads and became quite [&hellip

Ruth – Jasper

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