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Hydrotherapy is beneficial for our doggy companions in all stages of life; from your puppy learning to swim, to keeping your dog fit and healthy throughout their lives and into those senior years, where we can all get a bit stiff and achey –hydro is a constant source of healthy fun and keeps the body in a mobile state.

Hydro is a natural solution to aid any dog that has been injured, arthritic, overweight or post operative.
Ren Dhillon

Dipping Dogs is headed by Sue Keen who has extensive practical experience with dogs as well as a B.Sc. Honours degree in Animal Science.


“I have been working to rehabilitate dogs at Dipping Dogs for 10 years and could not imagine doing anything else. Every day and every dog is different. I love meeting the new dogs and seeing the improvement week to week. Not only do they improve physically but you also see more of their personalities coming out each week as their confidence increases. The results we get here are amazing from those who come to us unable to walk and we can help facilitate their ‘first’ steps to the older dogs who after a few sessions can manage to jump in the car by themselves or jump on the sofa, something they may not have been able to do for months. I feel lucky to be able to work with such amazing animals on a daily basis”



Case Study: Mable


Mable, a 1yr old boxer cross was rehomed from Battersea in January. Whilst at Battersea she had surgery to repair her Cruciate ligament. She was lucky to find a home with a lady committed to her rehabilitation so started hydrotherapy with us the week she came home. As she is a very nervous dog her owner comes into the water alongside our hydro therapists. This allows Mable to be comforted by a familiar face whilst our hydrotherapists work on her back legs helping to increase her muscle tone and range of movement. Mable has now completed 10 sessions and has increased her muscle tone by a considerable amount, her vet would like her to continue swimming weekly for the next few months while we build up to a full land exercise programme. Her confidence has also improved greatly, on her eighth swim she picked up a ball in the water and will now happily play in the water with our hydrotherapists. She also enjoys her weekly post swim cuddles with all the staff.

Case Study: Tara

My rescued 8 year old black Labrador Tara. She had been living on puppy farms and really was overweight.

Tara was diagnosed with elbow dysplasia and my vet recommended hydrotherapy. At the time we started her course, she was stiff in her joints really struggling with walking and she had difficulty with her front legs when getting up. I could see that as she aged Tara was going to deteriorate and I wanted to prevent this happening.

I found out about Dipping Dogs through my vets at Blythwood veterinary practice in Northwood.

We have been swimming for nearly three months and now Tara swims for 20 minutes chasing after her ball. When we arrive she is so excited and can’t wait to get in the water. The hydro therapists and I and all of our family have seen the change in her. She has more core strength and her joints are so much better, she has lost some weight and she is so much happier in herself.


I love watching Tara swim and having so much fun with the hydro therapists who play with her and encourage her to work harder. Getting her out of the pool is the only problem! I now go into the pool with her and it’s a great way to bond and also keep her healthy.

Hydrotherapy has been extensively used in human rehabilitation;
Dipping Dogs is now able to bring these benefits to the canine world.
Jill Moss president and founder Bella Moss Foundation

Hydrotherapy can be of benefit to many conditions including:
• Hip and elbow dysplasia
• Orthopedic operations: fracture repair, any joint and spinal surgery
• Degenerative joint diseases including arthritis
• Ligament and cartilage damage
• Sprains and strains
• Spinal injuries
• Obesity management programs
• Cardiovascular fitness
Dipping Dogs

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