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The Bella Moss Foundation receives no government funding and is entirely reliant upon the generosity of our kind supporters. This generosity helps us to continue to educate and raise awareness of serious infections that unnecessarily infect animals.


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How BMF will use donated money

  • We provide free information and support, nobody at BMF receives a salary.
  • We make sure all animals are safe, by putting vets in touch with our clinical experts.
  • We exhibit at pet shows to raise awareness
  • We produce printed educational material to help with early detection of infections
  • We give talks at breed clubs, vet schools and youth clubs.
  • We provide education and Continuing Professional Development for veterinary professionals through seminars and our infection control website
  • We always help every individual who contacts us and continue to support throughout a crisis of health.
  • We have to pay for all of our educational material for the brochures and websites, although the content is donated by our clinical advisors.
  • To continue to raise awareness and educate, we need funding. The more we can educate the more lives can be protected.

President and founder Jill Moss with patron Peter Purvis

Here are some of the pets The Foundation has helped – we need your help to continue to raise awareness and detect MRSA at the early stages.

Case Studies

Dusty, had MRSA for many months now fully recovered.

Chloe a young cat and her owner who had MRSA in the arm, we discovered that the infection was passing back and forth, they are now now well.

Jazz 7 year old female lab contracted MRSA whilst in boarding kennels and is now well.

Emma – got hit by a car and broke her leg developed MRSA with the help of BMF is she is now better and was the star of our stand at Crufts.

Your act of kindness is literally a gift of life to hundreds, and sometimes thousands, of vulnerable pets, see how we have helped others.


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‘Leaving a gift in your will’

‘Prevention Today, Freedom from Disease Tomorrow
It can take many years from an inspired idea to the development a new drug or treatment that will protect pets from infections.  Therefore, to protect people and pets from serious infections we have to focus on prevention. We need to know that funds are available so that investments in academic research and education will free us from resistant bacterial infections affecting companion animals.

After taking care of your family and those closest to you, you can help ensure that this will happen by leaving a Legacy to The Bella Moss Foundation in your will.

The Bella Moss Foundation is a not-for-profit charity supporting people and pets worldwide. We are the only charity concerned with the prevention of disease between humans and animals and our work is recognised and supported by Government Departments and medical and veterinary institutions and organisations all over the world.  We are entirely dependent on donations and grants.

The Bella Moss Foundation was established in 2007 and works in memory of Bella, the first publicly recorded dog to die of the human strain of MRSA. So far, we have helped to save the lives of hundreds of animals and supported many affected people who have concerns about the risk of transmission.

We work with and support veterinary organisations by organising conferences and seminars aimed at improving clinical knowledge and practice.  Our Clinical Advisors offer direct expert opinion to the clinical cases that need our help. We provide this service without cost and our advisors are highly respected clinical and academic experts.

Funding: Money donated to The Bella Moss Foundation goes to support our work with pet owners and companion animals, maintain and improve the information available on our website, fund our presence  at companion animal events, and maintain direct access to our help and support.

If you are considering leaving a legacy to support our work, please accept our sincere thanks. It will help us enormously to know of your intention and we have made it as simple as possible for you to advise us – just complete the form below and return it to us or ask your solicitor to do so.

Although making or changing your Will is simple, it is important that you consult a solicitor or professional advisor. This will protect you, your intentions, and those who will benefit from the provisions in your will. Whether you wish to bequeath to The Bella Moss Foundation either a specific amount or that which remains after all other bequests have been made, you should seek legal advice.

For guidance, we have given examples of these below.
I give the sum of £…………………(or the specified shares or item(s) of property) to The Bella Moss Foundation, 135 Edgwarebury Lane, Edgware. Middlesex, HA8 8ND, England, Charity No 1122246, for its general charitable purposes.  I further direct that the receipt of a Director or other officer of the Bella Moss Foundation for the time being shall be a full and sufficient discharge of the said gift.


I give the residue of my estate to The Bella Moss Foundation, 135 Edgwarebury Lane, Edgware. Middlesex, HA8 8ND, England, Charity No 1122246, for its general charitable purposes. I further direct that the receipt of a Director or other officer of The Bella Moss Foundation for the time being shall be a full and sufficient discharge of the said gift.

A legacy to a charity may reduce the amount of Inheritance Tax due. Inheritance Tax is currently fixed at a flat rate of 40%, and your estate may be subject to Inheritance Tax if the value of your property and possessions exceeds £312,000. This excludes any money or property you leave to our spouse if he or she lives in the United Kingdom. It also excludes any legacies to charity. Your solicitor will advise you about current tax legislation.

If you are intending to, or have already made, a bequest to The Bella Moss Foundation please let us know.


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Payroll giving

What is Payroll Giving?

Payroll Giving – also known as ‘Give as You Earn’ – is a flexible scheme that enables you to make charitable donations straight from your gross salary (before tax has been deducted). This means that you get immediate tax relief on the value of your donation. So, if you are a basic rate taxpayer and want to give a £10 donation, it will only cost you £7.80 or just £6 if you are higher rate taxpayers. As an extra incentive, the Government is adding 10% to every donation made in this way, so your £10 gift becomes £11 for the charity – almost double what it costs a higher rate taxpayer. Some employers encourage the scheme by matching their employees’ donations.

You can give regularly by authorising your employer to deduct up a monthly amount, but Payroll Giving can also be applied to one-off donations.

How does it work?

It’s very easy. If you are a UK taxpayer, paid through PAYE, your company is almost certainly eligible to offer Payroll Giving. If they do offer it, they will be able to arrange for your payroll administrator to deduct your donations from your gross pay, either as a regular monthly payment or as a one-off gift. All you need to do is choose how much you want to give to BMF, and tell your payroll department – they will do the rest.

What are the benefits of the Payroll Giving scheme?

For you:

Costs less to give more Payroll Giving is very easy to set up 10% Government top-up means that each donation has more impact For the Bella Moans Foundation

Regular giving helps us to plan ahead, knowing what income we can expect each year No administration – we receive a regular statement and simply bank the cheque 10% Government top-up until April 2004 boosts the value of every donation

What if my company does not offer Payroll Giving? If your employer doesn’t offer a Payroll Giving scheme, you could suggest it to them. It is very simple to administer, and plenty of advice is available. They can go to the Give as You Earn section on the ‘all about giving’ website and download The Giving Campaign Payroll Giving Toolkit with full instructions for employers looking to implement the scheme. They could also register with an agency such as the Charities Aid Foundation which processes employee donations. It is quick and simple to register.

Can I stop giving?

Yes, you can stop or change the amount you donate just by informing your payroll department.

Further Information

Further information on Payroll Giving is available from the Inland Revenue website:

Employers. If you prefer, you can ring the Inland Revenue helpline on FREE 0845 3020203 , or look at their leaflet IR65 Giving to Charity by Individuals


Most importantly … SPREAD THE WORD!

Educate your friends and family, to protect their pets, by showing them this leaflet

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Help us to help others!

If you are unable to make a donation why not volunteer some of your time – if you are interested in becoming a volunteer for BMF email

Thank you for your generous support.


What the veterinary profession say about work our work

Jill Moss, through BMF has worked tirelessly to ensure that the subject of MRSA in particular and other Hospital Acquired infections in general, remain firmly in focus for the veterinary profession. The constant updating of knowledge and the dissemination of that knowledge has been a cornerstone of the BMF. The changing attitude of professionals to the risks of hospital acquired infections has to a large extent been down to the work of BMF.

Mr Mike Jessop, MRCVS
(Former) President British Small animal veterinary association (BSAVA)


Download the BMF Leaflet

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