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The Bella Moss Foundationa and Wet Nose Animal Aid are delighted to show our winner of our competition ‘Most successful pet recovery story’ wearing her winner rossette and with some of her prizes donated by Lily’s Kitchen.

Roxy’s story was a moving one, a little fighter who didn’t give up, thanks to her owners who helped her get through this awful ordeal. This story highlights so many issues, checking your dog is healthy, talking to your vet, disscussions the opinions, communication is so important when humans are ill or like little Roxy when our animals/pets are ill too. 


This is Roxy Rascal, a 12 year old rescue and former Pets as Therapy dog…..

Not only has Roxy overcome adversity from a being neglected stray, she’s had two major surgeries to remove cancerous tumours.

The first operation in February 2012 in her rear, right leg, required a skin flap to cover the defect left by the tumour removal, she had almost 20 stitches. Sadly, she developed another tumour in her front, left shoulder, this time the tumour was deeper.

The second operation was in February this year. This time she had to have a skin graft due to the location, size and deepness of the tumour. She had around 80 staples and stitches and was in the Glasgow Vet School for almost a week on a drip as she wasn’t eating or drinking and was quite ill. I went to visit her during this time and she looked desolate.

Unfortunately, part of the wound became necrotic and had to be cut away, dressed daily and treated with high strength anti-biotics. It took 5 weeks for the wound to fully healed.

Amazingly, both times, tests proved that the cancer had not spread to anywhere else which was a huge relief. The wonderful vets, nurses and support staff at the GUVS looked after Roxy incredibly well and are amazed and how well she is doing and that she has beaten cancer not once, but twice.  She is a very brave dog indeed.

Thank you for reading Roxy’s story, I hope she is considered for the competition as she is an amazing dog and an inspiration to everyone she meets.

Nicola and Roxy.

Nicola and Roxy receive a lovely donated luxuery hamper from Lilys Kitchen




You can read more about our runners up on our winner announced page and how we have helped others

Comment from Jill Moss President of The Bella Moss Foundation

“So many pets suffer unwanted infections and disease and they fight so bravely to survive. They can’t talk so this award is to say to them we are listening and like my Bella who died of MRSA which could have been prevented, we together with wet nose animal aid are keen to educate and prevent animals suffering. Knowledge of all disease and illness is the key to pet carers saving lives of their beloved companions.”

Comment from Andrea Gamby-Boulger – Director/Founder Wetnose Animal Aid.

“I am very pleased indeed to be helping with this Competition with the Bella Moss Foundation to coincide with our Wetnose National Fun Raising Day on Friday the 13th September and look forward to many more projects of working together in the future”.

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