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The Bella Moss Foundation is a not for profit charity, started in 2007. It helps save lives through the early detection of infections in animals. Set up by Jill Moss after her beloved Bella (her 10-year-old Samoyed dog) became the first recorded dog to die of the human strain of MRSA in the UK.

Eight years on, this entirely volunteer-led charity has achieved big things. Every day we provide 24 hour advice and support for people and their pets with infections, we facilitate educational training for doctors, vets and nurses through conferences and training and we have produced professionally endorsed infection control guidelines for vets. We have also produced videos and posters and leaflets for pet owners on the responsible use of antibiotics and hand hygiene and consistently highlight the message that people and pets need not suffer from MRSA and other serious infections that can be prevented with better clinical protocols and responsible use of antibiotics.

We want to continue to provide free education for vets, doctors and pet owners but we can not do this without your help.

The Bella Moss Foundation is asking everyone to ask all of their friends and colleagues to donate this Christmas – as much or as little as you feel able to give – to help us continue to provide educational materials, ongoing training and a unique clinical advice helpline, which depends entirely on our clinical advisors and volunteers.

Have a happy, healthy and very Merry Christmas!

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