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The Bella Moss Foundation would like to thank FECAVA for allowing us the opportunity to present our charity work on antimicrobial resistance at the 19th FECAVA EuroCongress Symposium 2 – 5th October in Dublin. (download pdf)

The Congress was set in a lovely location, and we were very glad to be part of the FECAVA symposium on antimicrobial resistance. We are also delighted to offer EJCAP our article on the work of the Bella Moss Foundation and antimicrobial resistance.

Part of our presentation focused on the clinical issues involved in addressing antimicrobial resistance BUT the other vital element of the work we do is for pet owners.

Our presentation featured how we provide information to pet owners on hygiene in the home, caring for infected pets, and keeping pets healthy, and how we are passionate about providing education for vets and nurses on infection control and responsible use of antibiotics.

The Bella Moss Foundation in this way is a unique charity: a vital intermediary between pet owners and their vets.

Jill Moss president and founder the Bella Moss Foundation

“I am proud that the charity born in Bella’s name has in just less than eight years helped to save hundreds of animal’s lives through early detection of MRSA and other serious infections affecting companion animals. On a daily basis we tell pet owners that MRSA is not a death sentence, animals can survive with early detection of infections, keeping pets healthy is the key and avoiding overuse of antibiotics. We could not do our work without the dedication of our clinical board of veterinary directors who give up their time freely to support our work.”

We were very pleased to have collaborated with FECAVA on a number of projects, including creating posters on the use of Antimicrobials for pet owners and we look forward to collaborating with FECAVA on Bella Moss Foundation’s One Health Conference 2014 to be held in London.

One Health Conference 13th October 2014

The most recent development for The Foundation has been to adopt the ‘One Health’ concept. Since our start, the Foundation has seen the importance of linking animal health issues to those affecting people. With the emergence of new pathogens occurring in the animal population, now more than ever the link between human and animal health is of great importance. The One Health Conference aim: is to attract and influence opinion leaders and interested parties from human and veterinary medicine through lectures and panel discussions by respected authorities and workers in these sectors.

.Professor David Lloyd, Jill Moss at FECAVA antimicrobial resistance Symposium Dublin, Ireland. 5th October 2013. Slide BMF talking about the structure of our board of clinical advisors

We need your help!

Please help us with our academic research to prepare for national antimicrobial awareness day 18/11/13 fill in our survey on responsible use of antibiotics. We need as much feedback from pet owners as possible – take our short survey of 5 questions.

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Christine – Troy

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