UK Registered Charity 1122246 This website would not be possible without the kind help of Tony Martin of the “AV Martin Charitable Foundation”

This website would not be possible without the kind help of Tony Martin of “The Anthony V. Martin Charitable Foundation”. We would like to express our gratitude to the AV Martin Charitable Foundation for their generous contribution which paid for the programming and design of the new look of The Bella Moss Foundation website.

Richard West designed the website. He has given hours of his free time, more than we could have ever asked for, and we are very grateful to him and hope people seeing this website will want to offer him projects in the future – email richard

Jonathan Hamilton has programmed the entire site and we are grateful for all the hours he has spent – email jonathan


BMF Board of Clinical Advisors

The Bella Moss Foundation is only as good as the information that we provide.  Without the help of our clinical advisors we would have no content for this website.  Our board of clinical advisors have all contributed material for this website.

We would like to thank:

Annette Loeffler  BMF advisor (RVC) for her contribution for caring for your infected pet and for her video contribution for the veterinary website.

Professor David Lloyd  BMF advisor (RVC) for his  video and print contribution  for veterinary educational pages.

Tim Nuttall  BMF advisor (University of Liverpool) for his time in  writing and editing our  pet carer and veterinary content .

Dr Scott  Weese  BMF advisor (University of Guelph) for contribution to MRSA in horses, MRSP  and overseeing our veterinary content.

Mike Jessop  BMF advisor and Pam Mosedale, for their contribution for  developing material for the veterinary profession on ‘My Practice’infection control and the role of clinical audit in practice.

Louise O Dwyer (BMF  nurse educator) for her contribution to both the pet carer and veterinary website, providing  general background  information and photographs.

Elaine Pendlebury, senior veterinary surgeon PDSA (people’s dispensary for sick pets) . Elaine has spent hours helping to collate photographs and material to help educate pet carers on keeping pets healthy. We would like to express our gratitude to the PDSA for help in collaborating this website.

Adrian Ward from Vétoquinol & the practices that helped out, for providing us with original photographs illustrating use of antibiotics in practice.

Richard Allport  for his contribution to the pet carer pages on keeping pets healthy.

Larry Roberts (Idexx veterinary diagnostic laboratories) for his time and advice for veterinarians on testing and sampling of MRSA in practice.

Paul Manning (Aston Lee Veterinary Practice) for his help in writing Good Communication for the veterinary website.


Video Answers

Again thank you to our clinical advisors for giving up their time to be interviewed and to the PDSA and Royal Veterinary College for providing a venue for our filming.

The video answers could not have been developed without the help of Random Download Productions, and in particular, director and filmmaker David Tom. Random Download Productions is  part of Gwynplaine Films Ltd. They  specialise in high quality but cost- effective corporate, promotional and music video. To find out more go to



Thank you to the following for their contribution to the Livestock area.

Dr Giles Edwards BMF advisor,  MRSA Scottish Reference Laboratory for his review of  MRSA in Livestock.

John Fitgerald  (RUMA) for overseeing the Livestock information and for his  collaboration with information.

David Burch (Octagon Services) for his help in providing literature on MRSA in pigs.

Veterinary Medicines Directorate for their collaboration for content for the livestock and veterinary pages.



We wish to thank the following for their help with writing and consolidating website and leaflet information:

Kirsty Haldane Kirsty is currently working towards a PGDE in Secondary Biology at The University of Glasgow. She has previously studied at The University of Edinburgh where she completed her BSc (hons.) in Biological Sciences with honours in Evolutionary Biology, and her MSc in Applied Animal Behaviour and Animal Welfare.

Megan Goodhill for her help with compiling information  for our website.

Sarah Banbury for help in researching fundraising ideas.


Sadly we have lost three of our treasured advisors, but their work lives on through this website and through our educational material. View our loving memory page to read more

The late Tony Sarma for his contribution to our educational material for pet owners on resistant bacteria.

The late Tracy Mayne who helped us with all material for veterinary nurses.

The late Nick Mills who kindly helped us with and provided educational material for vets on MRSA in practice.

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How we have Helped

I am so grateful to Jill Moss and Lori Spagnoli for all the information and comfort they gave me during the nine month fight we had with MRSI. Our English [&hellip

Charlotte – Max

Jill Moss has helped all of us pet lovers in so many ways, regarding MRSA. I never even knew about how horrible this can be for our furry children, until [&hellip

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