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Peter Purvis - honourary patronPeter Purvis
Honorary Patron 

Pets and animals have been part of Peter’s life since he was a lad – his first dog was a Spaniel named Rusty and continue to play an important role. He has been the BBC’s principal Presenter and Commentator at Crufts since 1989. and has presented many other animal programmes including 65 editions of Pets Go Public for Channel 5, the Discovery Channel’s Breed All About It, All About Dogs and Superdogs.

He has been editor of the monthly magazine, Mad About Dogs, is Vice Patron of Dogs for the Disabled and President of The Canine Supporters Charity and the Rugby Animal Trust

“The Bella Moss Foundation has works in collaboration with the British Veterinary Associations and veterinary schools to improve infection control knowledge and practice. Now The Foundation has joined with what is perhaps the most significant development in the global struggle against resistant bacteria; the One Health Initiative.

This initiative marks a new chapter in both the work of The Foundation and the global effort to improve health across human, animal and environmental boundaries, and one which I am proud to support. The Bella Moss Foundation’s work in bridging the gaps between human and animal health knowledge will be made even more important by this collaboration, and underlines its commitment to the wider issues affecting the health of all species.”


Vince Hogan - Vice Honorary PatronVince Hogan
Honorary Vice Patron 

Managing Director and Editor in Chief of OUR DOGS Newspaper

Vince Hogan has been invloved in the world of dogs since 1973 when he joined OUR DOGS newspaper as Advertising Manager. Since then he has gained tremendous experienece in the canine world having attended dog shows all over the globe on behalf of the paper, from New York to Hong Kong and from Dublin to Darlington.

He has been involved on many levels, having served as President of Blackpool Championship Show for six years, attended 34 consecutive Crufts shows, served on the Future of Canine events committee at the Kennel Club, co organised Superdogs at Wembley Conference Centre, hosted awards dinners and events and has also been known to give after dinner speeches.

Married with two sons, Vince currently owns a Boxer dog and a cross breed and has previously owned a Cairn terrier as well as a British ShortHaired cat…back in the days when he also edited OUR CATS newspaper.

He has been a member of the Kennel Club since 1987 and is also a member of the Welsh, Scottish and Irish Kennel Clubs, and was recently presented with a special award by the Hungarian Kennel Club for his assistance with the World Dog Show in Budapest in 2008.


Claire Rayner - Former Honorary PatronThe Late Claire Rayner
Former Honorary Patron

Claire Rayner, social activist and patron of the Patients Association, has encouraged those who work on behalf of animals and infection prevention.

“We as a society need to be concerned with animals contracting MRSA. It is a very worrying situation. More research needs to be done for the future I am concerned about cross-contamination from people to animals, and vets should be diligent about infection control. We should all be concerned with protecting pets from unnecessary suffering and death.”

Claire was passionate about the issue of MRSA and believed that there could be no relaxation of our efforts to reduce its threat to the very minimum.

The Bella Moss Foundation was saddened to hear of the death of its first Honorary Patron.

Jill Moss, President of The Bella Moss Foundation, said “I owe a great debt to Claire. After the death of my companion dog Bella died from the effects of MRSA Claire was kind enough to let me visit with her. She helped me understand that there was a way of directing my grief into helping other pet owners in the same situation that I had faced and she understood how difficult I found it to think clearly about what to do. Her advice and guidance was invaluable, as was her understanding and support, and although she was ill even at that time, she agreed to lend her name to The Foundation as Honorary Patron on the understanding that her commitment would be extremely limited. It’s fair to say that without her generous and caring nature The Foundation would probably not exist.”

Claire Rayner was Honorary Patron of The Bella Moss Foundation from 2005 until she stepped down in 2008. We know that although Claire was unable to be involved in the activities of The Foundation, she was always interested in hearing of its developments and was pleased that her name brought the benefits it did.

The Bella Moss Foundation sends it deep condolences to Claire’s family, and shares with all of those who knew and worked with Claire the knowledge that she was a unique person, caring in her concern for people and passionate in her beliefs.

Britain is poorer for her passing.

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Sick, very old and very young animals are those that are most at risk.

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